Emoji are a great way for visual thinkers to send complicated messages without having to use words. But your visual vocabulary is limited to the mere hundreds of icons available to you and recognized as Unicode standard. If you want to communicate sentiments that aren’t available as emoji, you have to resort back to messy words

That’s a serious problem for Texans who love both emoji and tacos—which, if it’s not all of us, will certainly be all of our children—as there is no taco emoji. If your friend/partner/mom/etc texts you, “what do u want for dinner?” and you are determined to respond with emoji, your options are limited: you can have a bento box or sushi, pizza or hamburgers, donuts or fried shrimp, but you can not roll any of those things up in a tortilla and eat them that way. If you hate typing actual words, but you want to answer that question, tacos are off the menu.

Or, at least, they were: Austin-based software company Xoxco waded into the taco/emoji dilemma to provide a perfect solution in the form of the Taco Text app. It’s not strictly speaking an emoji—it’s not recognized as Unicode, whatever that means—but if you want to send a taco to a friend now, you can: simply download the free app, select one of the four taco options (a standard, Taco Bell-style taco, a breakfast taco, a fish taco, and the “mystery taco”), and press “text a taco.” It’ll send a taco icon to anyone you like, so you finally can live your life as fully as you’ve always intended. The world is a magical place.