The Pandemic Has Changed Everything

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Illustration by Israel G. Vargas

Will we finally expand health-care access? Will dating go old-school? Can renewables jump-start the economy? And are takeout margaritas here to stay? The novel coronavirus has disrupted our lives in unprecedented ways. But it’s not all bleak. We asked economists, health-care workers, science fiction writers, wildcatters, and restaurateurs to forecast what lies ahead. Here’s how the novel coronavirus will shape Texas for years to come.

The “Mother Fracker” Reckons With the Mother of All Oil Busts

Pioneer CEO Scott Sheffield has been through more ups and downs than just about anyone in the business. This bust, he says, will change everything—forever.

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Will Dystopian Times Inspire Utopian Art?

Texas science fiction authors Nicky Drayden and Christopher Brown contemplate the future of writing about the future.

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Can a Renewables Boom Put Texans Back to Work?

After the oil bust, wind and solar energy might be the Permian Basin’s best hope.

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