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The Rodeo Report

Illustration by Eleanor Shakespeare

Saddle up for the Rodeo Report, Texas Monthly’s on-going coverage from the 2018 PRCA circuit, sponsored by Wrangler.

The rodeo season has swung into high gear, and Texas Monthly’s Rodeo Report is riding right along to give an inside look into the high-intensity world that combines talented athletes with horses and livestock, steep competition, old-school traditions, and family fun.

With deep roots in ranching, today’s pro rodeo circuit takes a page from modern sports and entertainment as cowboys and cowgirls vie for worldwide rankings and tens of thousands in monetary prizes. Rodeo Report’s coverage will include competitor updates, performance analysis, and behind-the-scenes stories of triumphs, challenges, injuries, and rerides.

Rodeo Report focuses on rodeos sanctioned by the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association, the biggest rodeo association in the world. PRCA rodeos are organized and sponsored by chambers of commerce and local businesses. Winners at these events earn points and money that qualify them for the PRCA’s Wrangler National Finals Rodeo, held in December.

Keep an eye on this page for the latest news about the bulldoggers, rank bulls, tight hooeys, and talented hazers that make rodeo the great sport that it is. And follow the Rodeo Report action on Texas Monthly’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Anne Heinen

Cowboy Christmas: A Hectic Rush to Make Mad Money

Jul 9, 2018 By TMPromotions

Hectic. Mayhem. A blast. That’s Cowboy Christmas in a nutshell. Richmond Champion uses those words to describe the series of lucrative Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association events around the Fourth of July holiday. Champion is a bareback rider from The Woodlands. He’s qualified for the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo three times.

Sage Kimzey
Q&A with Sage Kimzey

Jun 25, 2018 By TMPromotions

Sage Kimzey made his first million at age 22, eight seconds at a time on the backs of bucking bulls, to become the youngest millionaire ever in rodeo. A Wrangler Ambassador, Kimzey is now 23 and aiming for his fifth consecutive world championship bull riding title. He’s also relocated from…

Summer Rodeo Season
Summer Rodeo Season

Jun 21, 2018 By TMPromotions

Buckle up, Buttercup: The 2018 Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association season is hitting its summer stride with enough rodeo action for every cowboy and cowgirl in the United States.  More than 600 rodeos—including 85 in Texas alone—comprise the PRCA season, which spikes from June to September. Along the way and in…