Recurring visitors to will notice that during the redesign we switched to a new commenting system called Disqus. We looked at a number of different systems, but we chose this one because it facilitates discussion between commenters, and it enables our readers to integrate commenting with their Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ accounts.  

Disqus also allows you comment anonymously—you may choose any screen name you want—but we require you to at least submit a functional email address in order to leave a comment. (Your email address will not be made public.)

There are some bells and whistles to our new system, but overall Disqus is pretty simple to use. And if the number of comments we’ve received since the site launched less than a week ago is any indication, it seems our readers would agree. 

That said, here’s a quick tutorial on how to leave a comment:Below each story and blog post, there is a box that prompts you to “Leave a message.” When you put your cursor in the text field, a row of social media icons pops up. If you click on one of these icons, you’re prompted to log in using your Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ accounts. You can log in this way, if you choose, or you can sign up for a Disqus account (the blue “D” icon). All it requires is an email address and a password.

We encourage you to jump in the discussion and invite to leave comments—lots of them!—but before you press publish, please familiarize yourself with our commenting policy. 

We do not pre-moderate comments, but we will censor or delete comments that contain: 

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We want our commenting community to reflect the community of our state, which is open and honest, but always congenial and respectful. If a commenter consistently breaks these rules, we will blacklist him/her.

If you encounter a comment that you believe requires review, or if you’re having trouble publishing or viewing your own comment, please email [email protected]

And if you have any questions about our policy, let me know. In the comment section below.