Last Friday we sent our January issue to the printer, and our Bum Steer of the Year is splashed right across the cover. For those not familiar with the Bum Steers Awards, it’s a Texas Monthly tradition dating back to 1974, an annual celebration of the nitwits and knuckleheads that made news across the state—and nation—for misbehaving and doing/saying generally dumb things. 

Now, the Bum Steer of the Year Award is a special dishonorable distinguishment bestowed upon those who have made particularly egregious missteps. Top honors have gone to Lance Armstrong, after his big reveal that he was, in fact, doping; Rick Perry, after the “Oops” heard across America; Dick Cheney, for shooting a man; and Jerry Jones, for, well, being Jerry Jones. 

Early Thursday morning, we’ll announce the 2015 Bum Steer of the Year, but until then, tell us who you think should get the prize.