We’ll Pass

The article “The Quest for Better Beef” [September 2020] is a war against Texas, written by a native New Yorker on your staff. Texas Monthly should be renamed Manhattan Monthly. Some of the largest, oldest, and most famous ranches in the world are in Texas. I raise cattle, and their flatulence is nothing compared to farting horses. Why don’t the Texas Monthlys of the world want to rid the planet of horses and eliminate all the nasty equine gas?
Sam Parsons, Forest, Virginia

End of the Line

I read your article about Luby’s [“Luby’s, LuAnn Platters, and Me,” September 2020]. I have lived in Texas longer than I have lived anywhere else. Long enough to have loved Luby’s for three decades. I am saddened beyond belief that it’s possible I will no longer be able to enjoy the hospitality, the perfectly cooked veggies, the creamy mac and cheese, the chocolate pie, and the famous LuAnn Platter. I’m surprised that Mimi Swartz did not mention that it’s not just us Texans who love Luby’s. The character Luanne Platter, on [cocreator] Mike Judge’s animated comedy King of the Hill, was named after the portion available at Luby’s.
Pamela C. Lampson, Corpus Christi

Brains and Eggs

I have lived in Erath County for 40 years and in Texas for 59 of my 68 years on this planet. Cajun blood runs in my veins, hence the ability to eat and enjoy almost anything that grows here. I have only one comment regarding the Texanist’s list of strange Texas foods [The Texanist, September 2020]: you omitted calf brains. Scrambled brains and eggs was a Sunday brunch delicacy that my father delighted in making for my sleepover friends when I was a tween. He would serve up a platter with buttered toast and a side bowl of grits and wait until the meal was half consumed before he’d reveal the ingredients. This would usually be followed by loud sputtering by said tweens but always resulted in an admission of deliciousness.
Debbie Grayson Lincoln, Morgan Mill

Willie Nelson Forever

I just wanted to let you folks know how much my husband enjoyed the special-edition magazine about Willie Nelson [September 2020]. He has read it cover to cover, so now I can have my turn! We’re growing old along with Willie and loved the stories about him. Thanks for including it with our subscription and for consistently excellent writing and reporting.
Treva Dayton, Elgin

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the Willie Nelson issue. Beautifully done. Beautifully written. A keeper to beat them all. I read every word and will again.
Sally Irizarry, Houston