Rave Review 

You would be hard-pressed to find someone on Lady Bird Lake more than me [“Beer Me! Where Cans Are Currency,” July 2022]. I’ve been out there basically every warm weekend since March 2020. It is social, it is a party, but DJs and grills with hot dogs are very much the exception, not the norm. I’ve also never seen the crowd act in unison for anything. Maybe I wasn’t invited to the paddle-waving rave. 
Jerry Aucoin, Austin 

Oil Riled Up

It would be pretty naive for anyone to think that the oil and gas industry will self-regulate [“What Lies Beneath,” July 2022]. It will not. The Railroad Commission has always been an advocate for the oil and gas business and is not likely to change. Since the commission is run by elected officials who have ample financial resources coming from the industry they supposedly regulate, it will continue to not be responsible. We need a change, for sure. 
donuthin2, via texasmonthly.com

Voting for a Change 

I wish there were a ray of hope to be seen from the Uvalde shooting [“A Year of ‘Protecting’ Children in Texas,” July 2022]. Perhaps, eventually, people who didn’t care about politics will start voting to change the people who have been in office for so long. We shall see. 
Adam DeRidder, Cedar Park

Our children are the future? We’ve already stopped talking about Uvalde, and it hasn’t even been three months.  
Lisa Kelley, Boerne

Raising Canes

I read your article “The Yucca Whisperer” [July 2022]. Did you know that dead yucca flower stalks make excellent walking sticks? They’re super lightweight and very strong. Finding one that has grown bent is nice because it has a natural handle. Scrape off the outer layer, then sand it smooth, and it’s ready for carving, woodburning, painting, etc. A new stalk grows every year or so, so cutting off the previous one doesn’t harm the plant. 

As for stolen yuccas, I had one dug up right by my house several years ago. Hopefully the thief got poked a lot. 
Gregg Eshelman, Weiser, Idaho 

Parting Words

I’ve tried to hang in there with Texas Monthly through your many turbulent iterations, believing that good writing is to be rewarded and supported. I’ve detected a diminution in the quality of your stories, and I can’t help but wonder if that’s because the state of Texas isn’t a very good place to live anymore. It certainly is doing little to recommend itself to the nation and the planet at large. So, with a heavy heart, I relinquish my connection to you and am canceling my subscription. Texas lost me when its citizens refused to get 100 percent behind Wendy Davis, but this current band of idiots has pushed me off the page. 
Malinda Wilson, Encinitas, California

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