The Thrill of the Hunt

Photograph by Nick Simonite

That the deer-hunting landscape is changing will come as no surprise to many Texans. The bucks are bigger. The tracking technology is state-of-the-art. And the sticker price for a weekend in a deer stand, once an austere pastime, has become, in many instances, staggering. So while the business of deer is thriving, participation is declining. What’s to make of all of this? And what does the future hold for a sport that has long occupied an important place in our state’s heritage?

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Eat, Prey, Love

For decades, a treasured plot of Hill Country land meant one thing to the men in my family: a chance to kill lots of deer. Today, it means something different.

How to Field-Dress a Deer

So you’ve downed your first twelve-point buck of the season. But don’t break out the brewskis just yet: You’ve got some dirty work to do. “The minute the animal dies, it’s starting to decay,” says James C. Kroll, a.k.a. Dr. Deer from the Outdoor Channel (and whose formal job is

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