WHAT: Wild Boar Farms, a roadside farm stand worth pulling over for. WHERE: Stonewall, at the northeast corner of Hwy 290 and Luckenbach Road. WHY: For starters, the head farmer’s name is Daniel Bacon. That’s as good a reason as any to patronize this long, wood-paneled structure, which is less a makeshift farmstand than a mini country market. Plus, it’s open nine months out of the year. I went in thinking I’d buy a bushel of the juicy Hill Country peaches that were in season during my visit and maybe one of the watermelons out front, but once I saw the bounty inside—tomatoes, zucchini, pattypan squash, anasazi beans, jugs of peach cider, Oma’s mini cherry pies, I could go on—I started thinking of the empty refrigerator I’d be returning home to and how to fill it. BONUS POINTS: For ample parking, a public (if rustic) restroom for customers, and the sweetest hand-written note about Mama Bacon’s Mayhaw jelly.



I want to go pickin’ red Mayhaw berries in Pine Island Bayou! Who’s coming with me?

My haul: a pound of yellow squashes, 5 vine-ripened tomatoes, 3 zucchinis, a mini cherry pie, a jar of pure creamed honey (raw and straight from the hive!), and a bushel of peaches = all for about $18.