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Texas Monthly's Top 5: Revamped

Texas Monthly staff recently scoured through an archive spanning 44 years to select their five all-time favorite articles. Revamped for the digital age, these stories will be unlocked each Monday over the next five weeks at unique times. Make sure to check in each week to see what stories made the list.   

Innocence Lost

Anthony Graves spent eighteen years behind bars—twelve of them on death row—for a grisly 1992 murder. If he didn’t do it, the truth would come out. Wouldn’t it?

Just Desserts

Sandy Jenkins was a quiet accountant at the Collin Street Bakery who felt overlooked and dreamed of living the good life. He found it (for a while) by embezzling nearly $17 million from the famed fruitcake maker.

I Still Hate Chili

Chili is third-rate swill. It violates every prin ciple of good cookery,” declared Paul Burka in 1978. Fess up now. In your heart of hearts, do you hate it, too?

Still Life

A violent tackle in a high school football game paralyzed John McClamrock for life. His mother made sure it was a life worth living.

Gentling Cheatgrass

What does it take to break a wild mustang? Patience, horse sense, experience, and, if you’re Teryn Lee Muench, no more than one hundred days.