Coming Soon: Groacho Marx

The Cockroach Hall of Fame Museum, Plano. Michael Bohdan, who calls himself Cockroach Dundee, runs the museum at his pest-control business, featuring such exhibits as H. Ross Peroach and Liberoche, a dead roach covered with sequins sitting at a miniature piano topped by a candelabra.

If It’s Closed, Just Break Down the Door

The Branch Davidian Exhibit, Waco. The Taylor Museum of Waco History traces the Davidians’ story from their founding at Mount Carmel to the 1993 raid by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms and the siege by the FBI.

Ask to See the Missing Fertilizer Tanks

The Billie Sol Estes Museum, Granbury. Texas’ most famous swindler autographed copies of his biography during the museum’s grand opening at Pearl Street Antiques and Treasures, run by his daughter. Exhibits include newspaper clippings about Billie Sol’s legal entanglements and his letters from prison.