Find Yourself
Texas has a range of soils and climates. To know what to plant, you have to know where you are among its ten vegetational regions.


Flower Plot
Pick a sunny, well-drained site for your meadow. When choosing which flowers to plant, think about bloom times, size, and color.


Go to Seed
You can always buy the seed, of course, but why not gather your own? When the seed pods are dry and brown, it’s time to collect.


Keep It Clean
If the seeds you have gathered come with unwanted chaff, separate them from the leaves and stems with a vigorous rub over a paper bag.


Dirty Work
Rake aside the thatch and loosen the soil on your site. Get rid of any noxious weeds like non-native turf grasses that choke out wildflowers.


Broadcast News
To scatter seeds evenly, it helps to mix them with sand. Tamp them down lightly, then rake gently to barely cover them with soil.