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Tracking Down Roy Hindes

In South Texas, if a hunter wounds a deer, there is only one person to call: Roy Hindes.

Hindes is a legend in the hunting community, known for his skill and willingness to track deer day or night, rain or shine. His father and grandfather also tracked deer, breeding their own line of famous hunting dogs in the process. It’s an unfortunate event when a deer runs away wounded, and for years, hunters from across Texas have shared unforgettable stories of how Hindes and his dogs have been able to get the job done.

After hearing such a story from his uncle—think: middle of the night, torrential thunderstorm—hunting enthusiast Tanner Vaughan became fascinated by Hindes and his dogs. Wanting to understand firsthand the story behind the skill, Vaughan drives through the Texas Hill Country in the new 2019 Porsche Cayenne to meet Hindes at his ranch and learn what makes the dogs so special.

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