Donna Xander


Down Tobacco Road

A prayer for the beach. A prayer for courage. A prayer for the perfect crab cake.

Psychic Friends Network

A prayer for trust in God’s timing (and the occasional fortune teller).

The Queen of the Neighborhood

A prayer for the broken hearted.

Minimum Shrinkage

When my psychiatrist kept falling asleep on me, I knew it was time to look elsewhere.

The Bernadette Babies

A prayer for pagan souls and finding redemption in almond cake.

Window To the World

A prayer (and a migas recipe) for the unemployed.

Fly Away Home

A prayer of thanks (and some cranberry stuffing) for those that don’t give up hope.

A Prayer (and a Recipe) for Cowgirls

The queen of the rodeo may not have been mother of the year but her pecan pralines were to die for.