Fishing at Guadalupe River

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October 1, 2022

A Dream Catch

Sweat beading down his brow, left hand on the rod, and right hand quickly stripping line, Jonathan Newar just hooked the catch of a lifetime: a Tanzanian Tigerfish in the depths of the Ruaha National Park in Tanzania, Africa. Newar shouts, “Fish on!” From 50 feet down the bank, Attison

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September 30, 1996

A Shrimp Tale

After nearly fifty years of working Matagorda Bay, Vernon Bates could soon watch his business shut down for good—and so could the thousands of other shrimpers who make their living on the Gulf Coast.

Hunting & Fishing |
July 1, 1986

Man to Man

The son’s ultimate selfishness is to see his father only as his father—not as a man. But on our first fishing trip in 25 years, I began to see my father—and myself—as the grown men we’d become.

Hunting & Fishing |
March 1, 1985

Bring ’Em Back Alive

In darkest South Texas roam two of the world’s most endangered species—the black rhino and the Great White Hunter.

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