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For almost 50 years, Texas Monthly has been a trusted source for journalism that chronicles Texas and explores life across the state. From politics and culture to travel and food, Texas Monthly provides honest coverage, insightful recommendations, and skillful storytelling to help readers navigate a dynamic state.

Founded by Michael R. Levy in 1973, the magazine currently has a circulation of 235,000 and a monthly combined audience of 20.2 million. In 1995, Texas Monthly introduced a website. 2009 marked marked the first annual Texas Monthly BBQ Fest. And in 2019, the brand released Boomtown, its first podcast series to break Apple’s top ten list. Across all platforms, Texas Monthly is how Texans—no matter their roots—get more out of Texas.

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Over the years, Texas Monthly has received numerous prestigious journalism awards, including fourteen National Magazine Awards, the industry’s equivalent of the Pulitzer prize. With honors for graphic design, artwork, editorial excellence, Texas Monthly is one of the most widely recognized and respected publications in the industry today.

The following is a partial list of Texas Monthly’s editorial and art awards: National Magazine Awards

Texas Monthly is owned by Texas Monthly LLC.