Story Submissions

Texas Monthly’s website and print magazine are home to original, deeply reported stories that illuminate every aspect of Texas life. To see how best to pitch stories to TM, please carefully read the stories on the website and in the magazine, and craft a submission that would fit well among the stories we’re publishing. The website and magazine are divided into sections such as News & Politics, The Culture (which covers visual arts, performing arts, music, TV, film, dance, sports, poetry, books, and religion), Being Texan (stories illustrating the intricacies of living in the Lone Star State), Style & Design, Food & Drink, BBQ, and Travel & Outdoors.

What we’re looking for

Every story we publish has a strong Texas focus and/or features Texans at the center. We’re looking for well-researched stories of varying lengths, visual stories, essays, and thoughtful commentary, analysis, and reportage. We love to tell stories through interesting characters. Our favorite topics include Texas politics and policy, business and entrepreneurship, the environment, energy, criminal justice, immigration, education, and race. They also include travel; fishing, hunting, and other outdoor activities; food and drink; and arts and culture. We value great storytelling, humor, vivid characters, context, and perspective. We are a magazine, not a newspaper. We’re particularly interested in stories outside of Austin, where we are based. We pay competitively.

What to send

In your pitch, please include writing samples, a proposed headline, and a sketch of how you would report and organize the story. Consider how your story would appeal to a statewide audience. If your article is set in Beaumont, why should someone in El Paso be interested? We try to reply to every pitch, but expect 1-2 weeks for us to get back to you. If your pitch is time-sensitive, please include that in your subject line.

Who to contact

For food, drink, style, design, travel, and BBQ stories, pitch Kathy Blackwell: [email protected]

For news, politics, policy, and outdoors stories, pitch [email protected]

For arts & entertainment stories, pitch Josh Alvarez: [email protected] (books pitches should go to Jeff Salamon: [email protected])

Any narrative feature story proposals that don’t fit into the above categories should go to J.K. Nickell: [email protected]