Sound Check: Abraham Alexander

Jul 12, 2019 By Texas Monthly

Up next in our Sound Check series, Fort Worth soul/R&B singer, Abraham Alexander plays his debut single, America in the Texas Monthly Studio. With his soothing vocals and bluesy undertones, Alexander's unique sound represents a fresh take on the Texas music scene. 

Sound Check: Ghostland Observatory

Jul 3, 2019 By Texas Monthly

For the latest in our Sound Check series, the Austin-based duo, Ghostland Observatory performs “With or Without You” from their album, See You Later, Simulator. Presented by Visit Fort Worth…

W.C. Clark
Sound Check: W.C. Clark

Jun 14, 2019 By Texas Monthly

W.C. Clark is known as the "Godfather of Austin Blues," and he proved that he still has a strong hold on that title during his Sound Check session.

Explore Cedar Park

Mar 22, 2019 By TM Promotions

Explore everything Cedar Park has to offer with Alice Kerley, a Life and Style blogger from Houston. From handmade chocolates to board-crushing hockey, Cedar Park excites the senses and provides the perfect vacation getaway for any Texan.

A still from
From Tonga

Jan 8, 2019 By Texas Monthly

Euless is home to one of the largest Tongan communities in the U.S. In this documentary, Huay-Bing Law explores how the immigrants have revitalized the local high school football team through the story of one player, Patrick Vahe.

A small-town cattle auction in Gonzales

Jan 8, 2019 By Texas Monthly

In the small town of Gonzales, Texas, a cattle auction serves as the cultural focal point, bringing residents and carrying the community’s heritage forward.


Jan 8, 2019 By Texas Monthly

Mac Coleman always knew he wanted to be a professional bronc rider. This documentary film by TJ Martinez profiles the Texan as he pursues his dream—after losing his eyesight.

BBQ Shop
Small Town Smokers: BBQ Shop

Dec 10, 2018 By Texas Monthly

The BBQ Shop in Farwell couldn't get any further west and still be in Texas. Founded along the New Mexico border in 2010 by Kelly and Judy Mimms, the joint became a Thursday tradition for many since that was the only day it was open. The BBQ Shop has gone through some painful changes. Judy passed away last year, and Kelly had to take a step back. Their son Steve Perry and his wife Rita have come in to keep the place going and expand their hours. Now they can also be found serving from their food truck across the border in Clovis, New Mexico, but you better believe this is Texas barbecue.