Karen Olsson


The Gay Non-Issue

The election of a lesbian sheriff in Dallas County is a reminder of how far we’ve come, in a very short period, on the question of sexual orientation.

Party Crashers

If we had more than two big-time candidates, maybe we
could have a genuine presidential race in every state.
Even Texas.

About a Girl

Audra Thomas can’t read these words and, in a few months, wouldn’t remember them anyway. Nevertheless, she has an extraodinary sense of the world around her—and of herself.

Mr. Right

The line on James Leininger is fairly simple: He’s a doctrinaire conservative who spends millions supporting candidates and causes he likes—and opposing those he doesn’t. That makes him one of the most influential players in Texas politics in the post-Bush era.

The Evolutionary

What do you do when you win a $295,000 MacArthur “genius” grant? If you’re biologist David Hillis, you keep teaching at the University of Texas as if nothing happened, and you keep chasing frogs.