Kathryn Jones


Pop Art

How 7 UP is trying to win back its share of the soft drink market, one commercial at a time.

Herb’s Flight Plan

For 28 years Herb Kelleher has run Southwest Airlines as a low-cost, short-haul carrier that’s fun to fly on and even more fun to work for. But there could be changes on the horizon.

Charles Hurwitz Is a Greedy Clear-cutter. Charles Hurwitz Is a Caring Environmentalist.

Different people have different opinions about the controversial CEO of Maxxam, and nothing will change their minds—not even a deal on the Headwaters Forest.

The Money of Color

At the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum in Santa Fe, a handful of rich Texans are exhibiting their mastery of the art of out-of-state philanthropy.

Place in the Heart

When you fall in love with a piece of land in Texas, you quickly learn that it changes. And it changes you.

Spence for Hire

How is the president and co-founder of Austin ad agency GSD&M expanding his reach into the realm of entertainment? One account at a time.

Wired Guns

They do more than just build companies: Meet the power players of Texas high tech.

Splurge! Merge! Purge!

Six months after the merger of Exxon and Mobil, a tally of the winners and losers.

The New, New Henry C

Henry Cisneros, TV star.

Saving Penney's

Can the Web make a shiny new Penney’s?


Put down that mouse and no one gets hurt: Meet a band of investigators in Houston and Dallas who are pulling the plug on a wave of computer crime.

Business • Sanjiv Sidhu


Can ZixIt Fix It?

A blockbuster start-up tries to end e-mail insecurity.

A Bug in the Chips

Wayne Reaud’s hard drive against Compaq.

Royal Treatment

Archer City brings up the lights on the Royal theater.