Kathryn Jones


The Money of Color

At the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum in Santa Fe, a handful of rich Texans are exhibiting their mastery of the art of out-of-state philanthropy.

Charles Hurwitz Is a Greedy Clear-cutter. Charles Hurwitz Is a Caring Environmentalist.

Different people have different opinions about the controversial CEO of Maxxam, and nothing will change their minds—not even a deal on the Headwaters Forest.

Herb’s Flight Plan

For 28 years Herb Kelleher has run Southwest Airlines as a low-cost, short-haul carrier that’s fun to fly on and even more fun to work for. But there could be changes on the horizon.

Pop Art

How 7 UP is trying to win back its share of the soft drink market, one commercial at a time.

Our Foreign Legion

Austria. The Bahamas. Botswana. Jamaica. Sweden. In each place the U.S. ambassador is a Texan sent there by Bill Clinton, whoÕs as partial to our stateÕs best and brightest (and richest) as LBJ was.

MULTIMEDIA • John Romero

Game Boy.

Briscoe’s Bounty

Dolph Briscoe used to govern Texas. He still owns a bigger piece of it than any individual in the world.

Shrinking Giant

Once more than a million acres, the Matador Ranch is today a fraction of that size. How it got from there to here is the story of Texas ranching.

Marathon Man

Houston’s J.P. Bryan is remaking a West Texas town into what could be the next Taos—and for some locals, that’s a mixed blessing.

Raymond Nasher

His artful gift to the city of Dallas ensures his legacy.

“I’ve Written Enough Fiction”

So says Larry McMurtry, Texas’ best—and best-known— novelist. But that doesn’t mean he’s giving up literature altogether; in fact, his days are quite booked.

Grape and Pillage

By chain-sawing three acres of its research vineyard near Fort Stockton, the University of Texas System uncorked quite a controversy.

Corporate Makeover

EDS, the company Ross Perot imbued with his own conservative image, is designing Internet sites for magazines like Elle. What a tangled Web we weave.

Drawing the Line

Where is the Texas-Oklahoma border? The answer has people on both sides of the river seeing Red.

Viz Kids

Texas A&M is churning out a new crop of students who aren’t farmers or vets. They’re the computer aces of the Visualization Lab, and they’re Hollywood’s new masters of special effects.