Love + Photo ID = Marriage?

Senator Donna Campbell puts a new twist on the debate over photo ID: You can’t say “I do” until you show the proper form of identification.

John Carona’s “Ugly Baby”

After more than a dozen amendments toughening regulations on short-term lenders were added to Sen. John Carona’s payday lending bill, he referred to his legislation as an “ugly baby” before it passed out of the Senate. But can it make it out of the House?

A Floor Fight Over Payday Lending

Sen. John Carona found his payday lending bill met with more opposition on the Senate floor than he had anticipated Thursday, prompting him to suggest that lobbyists were exercising undue influence over some of his colleagues.

Campbell Faces Unexpected Opposition on Religious Liberties Bill

On Monday, Donna Campbell’s resolution to add an amendment to the Texas constitution guaranteeing freedom of religion lead to a discussion about abortion rights, the Westboro Baptist Church, and goat slaughter.

“Palatable and Acceptable”

On Thursday the Senate passed SB 21—the drug-testing-for-unemployment-benefits bill—with a couple of modifications from the Democrats, and without much excitement on either side.

Senate Says No to Local Gun Laws

A bill requiring the state attorney general to take legal action if cities or counties attempt to regulate guns passed the Senate Thursday over the objections of Sen. Royce West.

What We Talk About When We Talk About Spending Limits

Don’t understand Texas’s constitutional spending cap? You’ve come to the right place.

The Taxing Issue of Rollbacks

The Senate takes up the issue of local revenue, and the locals aren’t happy.

Term Limits for Some

The Senate approved a measure that would allow voters to decide whether to amend the constitution to limit statewide elected officials to two terms.

Fifth Graders Stand Up For Sharks

Sawyer Chandler and Sam Matthews, young activists, are calling on legislators to strengthen Texas’s safeguards against shark finning—with an assist from Coach Taylor.

Drug Testing Bill Spurs Heated Exchange Between Senators

In a committee hearing Wednesday, Tommy Williams and Wendy Davis spent fifteen minutes sparring over SB 21, a bill by Williams that would make drug testing mandatory for certain individuals wishing to receive unemployment benefits.


How do we love pecan pie? Senator Charles Schwertner counts the ways.

Learning Curve

Barbara Cargill, the nominee to head the State Board of Education, talks about curriculum standards, how she would teach evolution, and the number of fossils she owns.