Michael Mewshaw


Soldiers of Misfortune

What happens to a mercenary when all the fighting stops?

Right On

In their hearts, these conservative writers knew they were right. Now the rest of us know it too.

He’s Got a Secret

The Mexican pyramids are an open book compared to Peter Tompkins’s rambling account of them.

Apple and Oranges

The Oranging of America is not about the Longhorn football team taking over the government, but Max Apple’­s book is only slightly less bizarre.

Prosecution Complex

Being Watergate special prosecutor was hard; writing a book about it was harder.

Presents of Mind

Turn a few new leaves this holiday season.

Testing, Testing

Dan Jenkins and Bud Shrake find the Limo scene semi-amusing.

Pall in the Family

Domestic bliss has seen better days than it sees in Shelby Hearon’s new novel.

Lend Me Your Era

Why the best years of our lives weren’t.

Sourcery and Whichcraft

Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein’s latest book “The Final Days” is just too much hocus-pocus.

Passions of the Mine

Start fooling around with Mother Earth and you end up getting accused of rape.

Only Yesterday

America and Texas: past and present.

Help Yourself

Peter Passel and Rollo May help those who help themselves.

Fires and Brimstone

Spiritual desolation in Crawford’s The Backslider; spiritual warfare in Naipaul’s Guerrillas.

Tennessee Schmaltz

T for Texas, T for Tennessee Williams’ autobiography, and T for terrible.