Michael Mewshaw


Old Dogs, Old Tricks

Two well-known authors prove that knowing the subject matter doesn’t necessarily guarantee a good book.

Waltz Across Texas, March Into Zion

Two books on why you can’t go home again.

Family Affairs

Coupling takes many forms, as John Updike and Shelby Hearon can tell you.

White Man’s Burden

Exploring the heavy price of Empire.

The Hungry I

Frederick Exley shows how to get too much of a good thing.

Tortuga’s Complaint

Peter Matthiessen writes of men pursuing a dying profession and Philip Roth pursues his critics.

Crooked Shooters

Does crime pay?

A Sporting Chance

Can college athletics survive? Can short stories?

Moving On

Larry McMurtry brings his Texas odyssey to an end.

Oh, What a Lovely War Book

World War II the way it really was.

Oh Dad, Poor Dad

Donald Barthelme wrote a novel about you and it’s so bad.

Goyen, Goyen, Gone.

East Texas author William Goyen was more at home in the Fifties.

Tennessee Schmaltz

T for Texas, T for Tennessee Williams’ autobiography, and T for terrible.

Fires and Brimstone

Spiritual desolation in Crawford’s The Backslider; spiritual warfare in Naipaul’s Guerrillas.

Help Yourself

Peter Passel and Rollo May help those who help themselves.