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The Best and Worst Legislators 2009

It was a new era at the Capitol, with a new Speaker and a new mood of peace, love, and bipartisanship in the war-torn House. But the eighty-first legislative session turned out to be a lot like the eighty that came before it—some heroes, some villains, and enough hot air to last until 2011.

The Best and Worst Legislators 2007

The eightieth session began with a Speaker’s race, ended with a Speaker’s race, and was consumed in between by the usual mix of nuanced issues and nasty politics. Along the way, a handful of lawmakers put the common good ahead of all else. And a handful of lawmakers didn’t.

No Peña, No Gain

Was Aaron Peña’s defection to the Republican party a quixotic move that will cost him his political career or the start of a bad trend for Democrats?

Power Company

As we head into the most critical legislative session in decades—maybe ever—the question is not just, Who are the people with the most clout at the Capitol? It’s also, What do they want?

Between the Lines

Ah, redistricting—that partisan, vengeful, hazardous battle for domination the Legislature fights every decade. Here we go again.

Cop Drama

How cuts to the budget of our mental health care system have created a nightmare for police officers in Houston—and everywhere else.

Wealth Care

Why does our health insurance system treat a small part of the Rio Grande Valley differently from the rest of the state?

Mismanaged Care

A unique confluence of medicine, money, and politics is driving health care costs in the Rio Grande Valley. At the center of it all is a Democrat from Palmview, who is already under indictment for unreported income.

Troubled Waters

The inside story of the Aggie sailing tragedy.

Army of One

There is no more important job than reshaping the military to confront a dark and dangerous future—and Pete Geren is reporting for duty.

Power Keg

TXU comes in from the coal.

Why Juan Can’t Read

In 2006 Texas schools still can’t teach English to Spanish-speaking students. Here’s what we should do about that—now.

Field of Nightmares

A pernicious staph infection is targeting athletes young and old—and igniting a debate over the hazards of artificial turf.

Size Matters

If big high schools are the problem, why aren’t there more small ones?

Who is Joe Barton?

The most powerful Texas congressman you’ve never heard of. And a partisan hack. And a bipartisan pragmatist.