Patricia Hart – DUPE



Twenty-three other people with more clout than they know what to do with. (Well, they know exactly what to do with it.)

Down But Not Out

No one thinks the Democrats have a chance of winning the 2006 governor’s race. Which is exactly why you shouldn’t write them off.

The Best and Worst Legislators of 2005

A few lawmakers in both parties distinguished themselves during one of the worst sessions anyone can remember. As for the rest? Well, in the words of Jon Stewart, that famous observer of Texas politics: not so much.

Home Buyer Beware

The state agency that’s supposed to protect you is a captive of the industry you need protection from.

Who is Joe Barton?

The most powerful Texas congressman you’ve never heard of. And a partisan hack. And a bipartisan pragmatist.

Size Matters

If big high schools are the problem, why aren’t there more small ones?

Field of Nightmares

A pernicious staph infection is targeting athletes young and old—and igniting a debate over the hazards of artificial turf.

Why Juan Can’t Read

In 2006 Texas schools still can’t teach English to Spanish-speaking students. Here’s what we should do about that—now.

Power Keg

TXU comes in from the coal.

Army of One

There is no more important job than reshaping the military to confront a dark and dangerous future—and Pete Geren is reporting for duty.

Troubled Waters

The inside story of the Aggie sailing tragedy.

Mismanaged Care

A unique confluence of medicine, money, and politics is driving health care costs in the Rio Grande Valley. At the center of it all is a Democrat from Palmview, who is already under indictment for unreported income.

Wealth Care

Why does our health insurance system treat a small part of the Rio Grande Valley differently from the rest of the state?

Cop Drama

How cuts to the budget of our mental health care system have created a nightmare for police officers in Houston—and everywhere else.