Medicaid Hardball

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The state is headed for fiscal catastrophe if it persists in refusing to expand Medicaid and stands to lose some $4 billion in federal funds if a lucrative Medicaid waiver expires. This is the legacy of Governor Perry and all of the Obama haters in state government. It is also a test for Governor Greg Abbott: whether he will allow ideology to stand in the way of recouping billions of dollars in federal funds that the state should have coming to it. It is one thing to be ideological. It’s quite another to be out of touch with reality.

The feds are absolutely right about this. Why should they fund a state that could have, and should have, fixed this problem long ago simply by expanding Medicaid? Especially when all the state would have to do to be able to acess billions of dollars is make a small payment for administrative expenses. Why are the state’s leaders allowing the ghost of Rick Perry to undermine the state’s future?

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  • Jed

    i saw him once at church. walked right by him.

    he was a surprisingly little man.

  • Madrigalian

    The Feds are using coercion and extortion to force medicaid socialism on Texas. The lege must resist at all costs. Healthcare is not a right. It is a personal responsibility. What the article fails to mention is that Texas will remain on the hook for the expanded costs of medicaid long after the federal funds stop.