Senator Sylvia Garcia
Sun March 3, 2013 12:27 pm

Sylvia Garcia will succeed the late Mario Gallegos as the state senator for Senate district 6. Garcia is a longtime county commissioner from the east side of Harris County who lost her seat to Jack Morman, a little-known Republican trial lawyer, in a huge upset in November 2011.

In the runoff to determine Gallegos’s successor,Garcia won both the early vote and the election-day vote.

Garcia 5,101  -  53.42%
Alvarado 4,448 - 46.58%

Garcia 9,562 - 52.89%
Alvarado 8,514 - 47.10%

This was a big-money election. Texans for Lawsuit Reform was all in for Alvarado and Steve Mostyn was all in for Garcia. Mostyn actually won one, for a change. One of the peculiarities of this election was that newly minted Republican senator Larry Taylor, a Republican, blockwalked for Alvarado.

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