Kay Bailey Hutchison

The 61-year-old United States senator on whether she’s after Rick Perry’s job, where she really stands on abortion, and the difference between men and women in politics.

Evan Smith: What everybody wants to know is, Are you going to run for governor in 2006?

Kay Bailey Hutchison: I haven’t made a decision. I’m thinking about it.

ES: What thoughts are going through your mind?

KBH: First, I’ve always been inclined to serve only two terms. That was what I said when I started running. I think that it’s good to give other people a chance—you get new energy and new enthusiasm. Also, the timing makes a difference. I wouldn’t have stepped aside earlier than this, after Phil Gramm decided to leave, and left Texas with two brand-new senators.

ES: That’s all very noble, but I’m wondering about the reasons that relate to your interest in being governor.

KBH: I have to ask

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