Christine Carroll


Spot Market

Ranchers hate bobcats. Trappers love their pelts. Both parties have found that there’s more than one reason to skin a cat.

The Texas 100

Who’s up, who’s down, who’s gone, and who’s new on our second annual study of state’s superrich.

The Texas 100

A fresh look at the state’s rich reveals that their fortunes continue to climb.

The Texas 100: Introduction

The one hundred richest people in Texas.

The Texas 100: The Son Also Rises

The moral of Tex Moncrief’s story: Father knew best.

The Texas 100: Survey Results

Ross Perot (who else?) tops our annual survey of the wealthiest Texans.

Frozen Assets

Amy Miller built an Austin ice cream empire based on equal parts business savvy and zaniness. But will her winning formula travel?

Cat Fight

When mountain lions started turning up, the Sierra Club said, “Save them!„ Ranchers said, “No way!„

Texas 100: Beat the Clock

For country club developer Robert Dedman, success is won by squeezing every minute out of every hour of every day.

Texas 100: Home Improvement

As Corpus Christi oil magnate Robert Rowling has discovered, rebuilding his city is good for civic pride and better for business.