Helen Thompson


Little Boy Lost

From the moment he first held a guitar pick, Charlie Sexton was said to be on the road to stardom, but high praise and high cheekbones haven’t kept him from stumbling along the way.

Sour Notes

Bullets over Broadway at the Granbury Opera House.

Getting His Kicks

He scored big for UT and four NFL teams; now Raul Allegre is back in the game with his weekly Spanish-language football show.

Texas Twenty: Princess

The celebritty realtor as realor celebrity.

Family Plot

For Dallas writer Carlton Stowers, Sins of the Son is more than just another true crime story. The son is his own.

Walk, Don’t Run

After years of arguing that vigorous activity is a key to good health, Kenneth Cooper is exercising his right to change his mind.

A Fan’s Notes

For sixty years, Austinite Raymond Daum befriended Hollywood’s biggest stars. Now he’s selling off his memories.

Best-Case Scenario

To win a high-profile these days, you need to hire a jury consultant. Galveston’s Robert Hirschhorn is one of the best.

Black and White World

Life as it really was in Texas’ African American community, as seen through the eyes of almost forgotten photographers.

Russell Stanphill

Hello, Mr. Chips.

Tom Caskey

Tracking down deadly genes.

Messing With Texas

TV glitzmeister Aaron Spelling tries to wakeup Michener’s epic snooze.

Rebel Rousers

In Tyler, a high school student’s Confederate flag T-shirt is raising old fears.