Mark Seal


Life of a Salesman

He’s no longer at the helm of Neiman’s, but 87-year-old Stanley Marcus still knows how to run a successful business. Just ask him.

Masquerader of The Lost Ark

Who came first—Indiana Jones of Hollywood or Vendyl Jones of Arlington, the archaeologist who has spent years trying to dig up the fabled Ark of the Covenant?

Can Berney Seal Save Corpus Christi?

A critical appraisal of a local phenomenon by the ultimate insider.

Can Hollywood Solve JFK’s Murder?

Director Oliver Stone may not be sure who did it or how, but he is sure he knows why.

Born to Be Naughty

Travels with Eric Kimmel, l’enfant terrible of Dallas, Paris, and Limoges jail.

“I Loved the Dapper Bandit”

She was a hooker. He was a race car driver. They fell in love. She moved in. He put on his three-piece suit and went to work. She was always on call. They fought. She moved out. Then she found out that his real job was bank jobs.

Doin’ the Social Climb

From the heights of the Dallas social heap, they leaped to the national celebrity circuit. Rich, young, and fashionable, Twinkle and Bradley Bayoud are a case study on how to rise to the top.

Texas Primer: The Texas Timex

Ever since LBJ’s gold Rolex appeared next to his gall bladder scar in news photographs, Texans have been buying the pricey timepieces by the carload.