Legislating into Memorial Day

Lawmakers had a busy day Sunday fighting over veteran benefits, abortion and making the airways safe for Amazon drones.

The Ethics Of Pettiness

The Legislature’s efforts at ethics reform this year have been more about petty paybacks and creating lawmakers as a special class of citizens than about improving government.

A Bad Reaction To Hidden Cameras

The kind of backlash I feared from the hidden camera investigation of the American Phoenix Foundation.

Hidden Camera Donor Wants His Money Back

Higher education critic Jeff Sandefer wants the $200,000 back that he gave to the American Phoenix Foundation.

The Lobby: $1.8 Million Feeding The Legislature

So far this legislative session, Texas lobbyists have spent $1.8 million feeding members of the legislature, their staffs and other state officials.

Disrupt The Narrative

The leaders of the American Phoenix Foundation claim their hidden-camera investigation of the Legislature has just one goal: Disrupt the narrative.

Failings Of The Flesh

Hannah Giles and Joseph Basel explain why their hidden-camera investigation of the Legislature is focused on sexual infidelity.

Hannah Giles Links to Patrick, Bettencourt

Hannah Giles, who has been leading a hidden-camera investigation of the state legislature, appeared in the past on Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick’s talk radio show, and Senator Paul Bettencourt once raised money for her.

The APF Watchers

The American Phoenix Foundation employees who are aggressively questioning legislators have created an aura of mystery and distrust around the organization’s hidden-camera investigation.

The Balance of Power

The American Phoenix Foundation leaders say their hidden-camera investigation of the Legislature is not meant to disrupt the balance of power in the House.

Disillusioned With Conservatives

Activists Hannah Giles and Joseph Basel say they have been disillusioned by the conservative movement in America.

Faith & Freedom

The American Phoenix Foundation founder Hannah Giles in 2012 delivered a speech in which she describe the goals of her advocacy journalism group.

Lawmaker Infidelity Is Major Focus for Hidden Camera Group

The leadrs of the American Phoenix Foundation told the Houston Chronicle lawmaker infidelity is a major focus of their undercover, hidden-camera investigation.

What Legislators Look Like On Hidden Cameras

The American Phoenix Foundation’s undercover hidden camera video taping of Texas Legislators is not the first project of this kind. The last one received awards from the Investigative Reporters & Editors as well as the Society of Professional Jouranlists.

How Teen Pregnancy May Have Saved Gay Marriage—UPDATED

The debate on new restrictions on judicial bypass for teens to receive an abortion may have played a key role in killing a bill to block same-sex marriages.