The Day Everything Went Wrong

Feb 19, 2021 By Emily McCullar

Like many Texans, residents in one Austin apartment complex faced a kaleidoscope of worst-case scenarios. And like many Texans, they had to get through them alone.

Mariana, eleven, practices math equations.
“I Never Thought I’d Be Without a Home.”

Jan 20, 2021 By Michael J. Mooney

For more than two years, culminating in a pandemic and a recession, Richard Sharum photographed Dallas families who are experiencing homelessness—the moments of great pain and frustration and, through it all, the moments of levity.

“Something Has To Change”

Jan 13, 2021 By Tyler Hicks

In the months after Merci Mack’s murder, Dallas’s trans community has expanded its organizing efforts. Meanwhile, the Lege is set to consider expansion of the state’s protections against discrimination.