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Sasha von Oldershausen joined Texas Monthly in 2023 to contribute reporting to its news and politics desk. Before that, she worked for several years as a freelancer, regularly writing stories for the New York Times, where she also worked as a stringer for its Metro desk. Her words have also appeared in the Atlantic, Harper’s, the Believer, the Oxford American, and the Paris Review. Originally from New York City, she moved to the small town of Presidio on the Texas-Mexico border in 2014 to write for the Big Bend Sentinel, a local newspaper for which her reporting earned her several awards through the Texas Press Association. After transitioning into freelance work, she remained on the border through 2017 and focused her reporting on immigration, border security, and rural issues, writing for a number of national and regional publications, including Texas Monthly. With her background in local news, she often notices the ways in which seemingly small stories can resonate on a much bigger scale. An Iranian American and the daughter of immigrants, she has a vested interest in Iranian culture and is drawn to issues impacting immigrant populations.

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