Ryan Vogt



Senior editor Michael Hall on driving a race car at the Texas Motor Speedway.

Making a Move

Senior editor Katy Vine on writing about the chess phenomenon in Brownsville.

Crime and Punishment

Senior editor Pamela Colloff talks about racism in rural Texas and Billy Ray Johnson, who was brutally beaten in the East Texas town of Linden.

Food Obsessed

Senior editor Patricia Sharpe on ranking the state’s best new restaurants.

Head Coach

Kristy Curry has the eyes of the Lady Raider Nation upon her.

Set Him Free

Senior editor Michael Hall on talking to Richard LaFuente, who some believe was wrongly convicted of murder in 1986.

Up and Away

New-media director Charlie Llewellin on hiking across Texas.

Doubting Dell

Executive editor S. C. Gwynne on writing about computer giant Dell.

Minister of Faith

Senior editor Nate Blakeslee on interviewing Republican preacher David Barton.

Across the Border

Contributing editor Dick J. Reavis on reporting from Mexico during that country’s presidential election.

Book Review

Senior editor John Spong on writing about controversy at a private school in Austin.

Happy Trails

A recent trip to the Schulenburg Festival left us wishing for the good old days.

Texas Tidbits

The mascots, the rituals, the hand signs—these are just a few of the reasons why we love Texas universities.

Texas History 101

In the fifties and sixties, the kings of the Dallas burlesque business were brothers Abe and Barney Weinstein, and their competition, Jack Ruby.

The Deadly Tower

Senior editor Pamela Colloff talks about tracking down eyewitnesses and listening to their accounts of Charles Whitman’s shooting spree from atop the University of Texas Tower.