The Devil in George Jones

The survivor of a long and torturous journey, George Jones stands alone as the greatest country singer alive.

The great country singer George Jones was best known for his longtime association with Nashville, where he earned his reputation as perhaps the greatest country singer who has ever lived. But Jones, who died this morning at the age of 81, was a product of east Texas—born in Saratoga, busked on the streets of Beaumont, worked at a radio statio in Jasper and lived for a time in Vidor. Here is a feature profile of him that Texas Monthly ran in 1994.


LIKE A HONKY-TONK ORPHEUS RETURNED FROM THE dead, George Jones, the world’s greatest country singer, is alive and sober.

 “I ain’t touched a drink in ten years,” Jones will tell you. A little more than a decade ago, he was drinking himself into a straightjacket, but now the dark-starred Jones, at 62, is once again on top of the world. Lately, on record, he has lent his voice to some intriguing duets. On “Never Bit a Bullet Like This,” the single from his last album, High-Tech Redneck, he was joined by Sammy Kershaw, one of his many young country idolaters. His


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