Romney Visits Texas, Talks Barbara Bush and Energy

During his trips to Houston and Midland on Tuesday, Republican candidate Mitt Romney took time out to praise former first lady Barbara Bush and talk oil and gas.
Fri August 24, 2012 7:15 pm
Associated Press | Evan Vucci
Republican presidential aspirant Mitt Romney traveled to Texas earlier this week, making rounds in Houston and Midland on Tuesday to engage oil industry execs, increase his cash flow for the November election, and even praise Barbara Bush.

Romney first appeared at a Houston hotel luncheon hosted by the CEO of Exxon Mobil and L.E. Simmons, who previously funneled money into West Texas energy and currently serves as the Texas finance chairman for the former governor of Massachusetts, NBC News reported. Then, Romney headed westward, attending an event at the Petroleum Club of Midland and dinner at a private residence. NBC’s Garrett Haake wrote that Romney raised almost $7 million Tuesday alone, bringing his Texas campaign takeaways to $13.9 million and making it the second most lucrative fundraising state behind California this election season for the GOP candidate.

While in Midland, the former hometown of president George W. Bush, Romney lauded former first lady and Texan Barbara Bush before the crowd.

“I’ve met Barbara Bush a number of times. Is there any mom who’s had more impact than that woman? On her husband? On her sons?” Romney pondered aloud, according to CNN’s Political Unit.

“I mean she – just the energy and the commitment

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