Six Must-Attend Events: May 2-May 8

The state's top offerings, from a camping-concert experience near Austin to a sure-to-be spirited discussion with Larry McMurty in Dallas.
Fri May 2, 2014 3:30 pm
Among the ninety or so bands performing at Austin Psych Fest are its founders, the Black Angels.
Courtney Chavanell


McMurtry Rides Again
Despite auctioning off a chunk of his expansive personal book collection last year, the Texas writer Larry McMurtry, 77, has not turned his back on books altogether. He is, in fact, still writing, and in celebration of his first novel in five years, The Last Kind Words Saloon, the Dallas Museum of Art is hosting the author for a special edition of its Arts and Letters Live series. On Wednesday, there will be a talk with McMurtry and his Brokeback Mountain writing partner, Diana Ossana, along with a one-day exhibit featuring manuscripts of McMurtry’s classic works, including Lonesome Dove, which many people consider to be the state book of Texas. The event is sold out, but a simulcast will take place in another auditorium. McMurtry’s new book mines Wild West mythology through fictional versions of Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday. Why he would retread such familiar territory when recently he has praised the increasing modernity of Texas should make for good discussion. But the moderator, Skip Hollandsworth, the award-winning journalist Texas Monthly staff writer who wrote the article that was the basis for Richard Linklater’s film Bernie, will probably already have his share of talking points. Hollandsworth grew up in Wichita Falls during the filming

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