Red State

There were a few moments when it seemed that the governor’s race might produce some excitement, but reality quickly settled in. Greg Abbott buried Wendy Davis beneath piles and piles of money and videos, and there was nothing Davis could do to counter him. Texas is a Republican state and nothing is likely to change that in the foreseeable future.

Early Takeaways

As the returns are started to roll in–find updated results here–here are a few quick thoughts:

1. As the race in CD23 begins to take shape, the only competitive Congressional seat from Texas looks be breaking Republican. Challenger Will Hurd is leading Democratic incumbent Pete Gallego 53-44%.

Down and Dirty EV Totals

UPDATED AT 7:25: The polls have closed, and the early vote totals are coming in. Here are some of the quick results, with a whooping 1% of the vote having been counted:


DAVIS: 40%








HEGAR: 56%



BUSH: 62%

COOK: 33%


HOGAN: 36%


A Handy Guide to the Major Texas Newspaper Endorsements

Happy Election Day, Texas! Every election cycle inevitably brings a round of endorsements from the major newspapers across the state, and examining their breakdown can help put the races into better perspective. As Texans head to the polls today (or fail to, if you consider these poor early voting numbers), let’s take a look at how some of the biggest dailies in Texas endorsed (or chose not to endorse) the 2014 candidates.   

Election Day Open Thread

Today, of course, is election day, and personally, I’m finding it hard to rally much enthusiasm over the occasion. The campaigns existed. They were long. There were highs and lows. Some of the candidates who prevail today will serve Texas well and with honor, and most, one hopes, will at least aspire to do so.

Losing the Battleground

Battleground Texas, the organization chosen by the Obama White House to “turn Texas blue,” proved to have been nothing more than a mirage. In fact, Battleground did more to sabotage the Democratic effort – unintentionally – than to support it, thanks to Jeremy Bird, Battleground’s leader. Bird produced a memo claiming major gains by Democrats, which he published. Unfortunately for Bird, his numbers were erroneous, allowing Republicans to enjoy a big laugh at Battleground’s expense.

If Three’s a Crowd . . .

On September 19, a Friday night, Texans had their first chance to hear the two major gubernatorial candidates face off in a debate. Or, as was more likely, they could turn their attention to the start of high school football season. By the end of the canned battle, the press was disappointed that there were no missteps, and the rigid parley between Democrat Wendy Davis and Republican Greg Abbott was as predictable, and probably one-tenth as interesting, as an episode of the Biggest Loser.

Another Bush for President

The news from George P. Bush that his father will likely enter the Republican presidential race is intriguing. This is not the first time that the elder Bush brother has indicated an interest in running in 2016. I’m pretty skeptical about his prospects.


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