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The Texas Man Who Sued a Woman For Texting During a First Date Explains his Lawsuit

Austin’s Brandon Vezmar has found himself an overnight celebrity after a lawsuit he filed because ”men are being exploited by people like the defendant.”

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Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images for Disney

Tuesday afternoon, the Austin American-Statesman broke big news about a small lawsuit: an Austin man named Brandon Vezmar had filed a suit against a woman who he met on the dating app Bumble, alleging that she had been texting during the movie the two saw on their date, and owed him the price of a ticket ($17.31) to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 in 3D. The story quickly picked up steam, and by that evening, the viral lawsuit got Guardians director James Gunn to chime in. Pop culture website the A.V. Club declared the man a “hero,” and on Wednesday, the Alamo Drafthouse offered Vezmar a gift certificate for $17.31 in an attempt to settle the suit.

The story has largely been treated as a quirky case of a person attempting to correct bad behavior through unusual means—but a statement the defendant offered to the media about the case indicates that there’s more than one way to view the situation. The 35-year-old Round Rock woman wrote:

I did have a very brief date with Brandon, that I chose to end prematurely. His behavior made me extremely uncomfortable, and I felt I needed to remove myself from the situation for my own safety. He has escalated the situation far past what any mentally healthy person would. I feel sorry that I hurt his feelings badly enough that he felt he needed to commit so much time and effort into seeking revenge. I hope one day he can move past this and find peace in his life. 

The woman who went on the date with Vezmar, according to legal filings, left during the movie. After the story went viral, Vezmar created a Twitter account on which he shared text messages between himself and the defendant:

In response to accusations that he contacted her friends and family after the date, Vezmar posted a screenshot from his Facebook account, which he said he did in an attempt to get her address for the paperwork.

The woman in question didn’t respond to a request for an interview, but Vezmar spoke to Texas Monthly about why he filed the suit. He said that after he got the text message he posted to Twitter, in which she told him that a friend was having an emergency, he decided he needed to take legal action. “I thought to myself, ‘No, there’s no responsibility here. It’s not her friend, it’s her. It’s not her phone, it’s her. It’s not me, it’s her,'” he explained of his reasoning.

Vezmar, who described the encounter as “the date from hell,” said that he didn’t think that his companion/defendant had a particularly bad time. But he did. “I don’t know that this was a bad date for her,” he said. “I think that this was probably a really great date for her. I was really nice. She seemed to be having a great time up until the point when I asked her to stop texting. I bought her pizza, drove her car—I thought that this was a fun, nice date. I wasn’t actually interested in seeing her again very early on, but she was nice, the conversation was light. I felt comfortable continuing the date. I don’t think that this was a bad experience for her. I think this was a bad experience for me. I think what’s a bad experience for her at this point is being held responsible for her bad behavior. And I don’t think she’s handling that very well.”

Vezmar characterized the defendant’s statement as “untruth,” denying that he made the woman feel uncomfortable or contacted her family “in inappropriate ways.” “Instead of just calling me up and paying me $17 for the movie ticket she squandered, she’s continuing to play these games,” he said.

For Vezmar, it’s not just about the defendant. It’s about the practice of texting during movies in public, and the dynamics of dating in 2017 more broadly. When asked if he believes that there’s an implicit contract when two people agree to go on a date and one of those people pays for both movie tickets that, if one person behaves poorly in the theater, they owe the other party a refund, Vezmar seized on the opportunity to address that larger issue.

“Here’s what I think: I think the implicit contracts in dating need to stop, because I think that men are being exploited by people like the defendant,” Vezmar explained. “I purchased these movie tickets in advance because the movie was sold out, or selling out, everywhere. This was one of the last places I could get tickets. So out of convenience, I purchased two tickets in advance on Fandango. I think the implicit understanding on her part—in fact, I know—was that this was a date, the ticket was a gift, and she didn’t owe anything. That was an assumption she made, because she believes that those are the rules of the game. She has taken advantage of that. She’s taken advantage of someone else’s courtesy and generosity.”

 Vezmar said that he did not ask her to pay him for the price of the ticket before the movie started. “Perhaps this is me assuming that empowered women are now playing by the new rules, which is personal responsibility,” Vezmar said. He added that, though he may not have allowed the implicit understanding that he would be paying for the date to continue until after she chose to end the date early, he did find the fact that she didn’t offer to split the check “very unattractive.” “I appreciate it when a woman reaches for her wallet or offers to pay for her part of a date,” he said. “I don’t always accept it, but I appreciate the gesture.”

The Drafthouse hadn’t yet made their own offer to Vezmar at the time we spoke, so it’s unclear if he’ll accept. But if, like he said, this is a matter of personal responsibility, it appears to be unlikely that the offer of reimbursement from a third-party is likely to satisfy Vezmar. Vezmar isn’t looking for an apology from the defendant—just $17.31 and an admission that he’s right.

“If she called me up right now—and didn’t even apologize—and just said, ‘Here’s your $17 for the movie ticket, I recognize that you bought me a ticket and that ticket was not mine, and after what I did with it I was supposed to compensate you for the ticket,’ this would be over,” he said. “Over!

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  • CaptPainter

    What a flake.
    Did you ever go on a date with someone and no matter how nice they think they were acting you could just tell that they were a flake?
    Yeah, me too.

  • MinaJen

    This is horrific, and the plaintiff needs to be arrested for harassment and stalking.

    And this is why I always split or pay for evening myself, so my date never feels entitled to anything more than what’s occurring.

    • wharfdoggie

      NEWS FLASH: That means nothing – he would still be entitled. For his time, the cost of the rented pair of jeans, his gas, the haircut …..

      • Laguad

        Truth! Men assume they’re going to have sex and get pissed when it doesn’t happen.

        • Woman Reigns

          And women expect a man is going to pay, (for.. what exactly?) and many get snotty when he suggests they split the bill.

          • Ann Onnimus

            You’re meant to discuss that BEFORE you actually go out, dingaling. That way you’re not springing it on them so they’re prepared.

          • Woman Reigns

            Again, you are *expecting* the man to pay for you. Maybe he will, but you *expecting* a free dinner and a show is no worse than him *expecting* sex after. And don’t even think of insinuating I’m some kind of perv- I’m almost completely asexual, Im just looking at it subjectively, criticize this asshole all you want, but I suspect you aren’t any better.

          • kylejack

            The dude in the OP expected to pay for the movie tickets, in fact he had already bought them, and did not discuss any reimbursement before the date. So this was his choice.

          • Woman Reigns

            I keep getting accused of defending the man in the story, when in truth I have done nothing of the sort.

          • annafdd

            Yes you did. Over and over and over and over.

          • Woman Reigns

            I mean.. You’re lying.. Obviously so to anyone who’s reading…. But who cares about *facts* in the feminist community >.> Certainly not I

          • Ann Onnimus

            I suppose you’re not exactly “defending” him, but you ARE providing justification for his awful behavior in some theoretical context that may or may not actually have any bearing on the reality of the situation, which is a great way to twist the narrative and derail a discussion, if people aren’t paying attention.

            MOST OF US seem to go dutch, some seem to expect that whoever did the asking-out will pay, and the rest seem to agree it’s a topic that should be discussed when the date is set up, ALL of which actually seems pretty reasonable. But you’re still harping on about the Poor Menz Forced to Pay for Deceptive Women.

            I haven’t even seen anyone here agree “yes a man has to expected to pay for the woman’s meal on a date”. Not ONE. If you could READ you might have noticed THAT. Yes we are assuming they either discussed it or he volunteered to do it, in which case? It’s on him. He can’t ask for a refund.

            You’re just another one of Those Guys, an MRA jerk who just goes 7 different kinds of shrill about the Poor Men Abused and Taken Advantage of All the Time by Ebil Women at the slightest hint that maybe a man treated a woman badly and was a jerk to her.

          • Ann Onnimus

            Actually the name “woman reigns” a dead giveaway this guy’s an MRA tool. I can’t possibly roll my eyes enough. When oh when will society remove the high heel of the boot from off the necks of the men we’ve cruelly subjugated?

          • Woman Reigns

            Lol you have no idea what my name is in reference to. I didn’t even make it for this site, I made it for another one altogether.

          • sitaroundandglare


            Which would you rather have happen: a terrifying man steals $40 from your wallet or a terrifying man rapes you?

            The answer should tell you whether or not expecting money is worse than expecting sex.

          • Woman Reigns

            Not sure what it is with people on this article and strawmen, but for all intents and purposes it’s the same damn thing. And you act like *only* men expect sex, for the record, I’ve literally ended two relationships because she wanted sex and I didn’t.

          • ApocalypsoFacto

            “I’m almost completely asexual”
            By choice, I’m sure.

          • Woman Reigns

            I think somebody’s triggered haha.

          • ApocalypsoFacto

            Dude, you’re the one who posted several screeds (all of which were more than worthy of the TL;DR notation) on this thread, getting all ragey about women expecting men to pay for dates. Go back and read through the comments and tell me who looks more triggered – me, or you?

          • Woman Reigns

            You, for sure.

          • Ann Onnimus

            Keep in mind you’re also defending a guy who tried to pull a royal flounce on Chicago, complete with a dramatic letter to the Tribune about how he was “leaving and never coming back”. Yes fair enough leaving a place where you’ve had crimes committed on you, but writing a letter to the editor about how a whole city therefore sucks is a bit…. much. HE is a bit much. The guy’s a total drama queen with serious delusions of self importance and clearly he likes the controversial press he gets. He probably feels he’s entitled to a woman of his choice who thinks he’s as magnificent as he thinks he is, and he deserves a life with no hardships at all. If he doesn’t get what he wants, then someone else needs to pay or else he has to make a Very Important Statement about how he is 100% right and everyone else is 100% wrong. In short, _there’s something mentally wrong with this guy._

            Fortunately, though, now his name is everywhere and I doubt he’ll get a date ever again unless the gal was living under a rock.

          • Woman Reigns

            I didn’t really read most of what you said, but I’m not “defending” anyone. I’m just attacking entitled women who want to be wined and dined, but act like it’s ok for *them* to expect to be treated like a queen, but not ok for the man to ever expect anything. And these same women claim there’s no such thing as female privilege…

          • Dana Lee Pertermann

            Dude. You don’t actually understand the concept of entitlement. Expecting to be treated nice is not entitlement. And if the women “gets pissy” about going dutch, you will never feel physically threatened until she actually pulls out a knife. Women, however, are physically intimidated by men ALL THE TIME. If you really can’t wrap your head around that, go and ask your mother.

          • Woman Reigns

            Usually when someone puts a word or phrase in quotes, like you did with “gets pissy” in the context of refuting someone, they are claiming that they are quoting the person… Yet, I never used those words (or indeed even anything similar), so I am already starting in a position of knocking down your strawman…

            I can’t speak to “expecting to be treated nice” I’vr always assume that’s a given in a date, and it at least has been in any date I’ve ever gone on. but it should NOT be an expectation that the man always pays- Despite what you ever myths you may choose to believe, it isn’t as if the average working class man makes any more money than the average working class woman, so I honestly don’t know why in a society that supposedly claims to want “gender equality”, men are still expected to do the majority of work at every stage of the relationship.

            You think I need sex or something? The jokes on you, I’m mostly asexual, and the physical act of sex kind of repulses me on a level, and it isn’t like most women these days offer much else, aside from social justard nonsense.

          • ApocalypsoFacto

            “I’m mostly asexual, and the physical act of sex kind of repulses me on a

            Oh, boy. Someone get a psychologist in here STAT

            “and it isn’t like most women these days offer much else, aside
            from social justard nonsense.”

            Translation: “They didn’t reject ME, I rejected THEM! I’m the one who gets to do the rejecting! I am awesome and amazing and if those yucky girls don’t see that that’s THEIR problem! At least, that’s what my bitter controlling mother told me.”

          • Woman Reigns

            LMFAO I thought you “progressives” were more tolerant than that (just kidding, I know you aren’t)… But nope, the second someone doesn’t fit inside one of your boxes you say the most vile shyt about them.

          • Kenneth Matthew

            So you don’t want sex–or a relationship, really–you don’t like dating women, and you hate to pay for dates? I think there’s an easy solution to this problem . . .

          • Woman Reigns

            When did I say I don’t want a relationship? Someone’s lying again.

          • wharfdoggie

            hahahaha “mother”

            Any mother worth her vagina would disown him – there is no one to ask, I assure you!

  • Aeian T’goni

    Cool, now when a man wants to stalk and harass a women in revenge for rejection, he can abuse the court system and do it with a nuisance lawsuit. I hope he’s ordered to pay her legal fees and for wasting the court’s time.

    This guy, by the way, is exactly the reason so many women are afraid of men. It’s simply not safe to reject them.

    • wharfdoggie

      Inb4 #NotAllMen

    • Woman Reigns

      And yet you’re still more than happy to accept him paying, no doubt.

      • Ann Onnimus

        Why was he stupid enough to offer to pay for everything if he’s that scared he won’t get what he wants? It’s beyond rude to offer someone dinner and then try to extort money from them if they decide they’re not that into you. This guy’s gone beyond even that and into crazy stalkerville.

        Seriously. If you can’t handle the possibility of losing money in case of rejection, then GO DUTCH.

        • Woman Reigns

          Don’t know why people keep accusing me of defending this guy, I’ve done nothing of the sort. This is however why our society needs to change. Most women are total hypocrites, for all their talk of “equality” and “female power” most of them have no problem *expecting* a free dinner and a show. When the man expects *anything* though, he’s a creepy asshole for some reason.

          • kylejack

            If people don’t want to pay for their date’s dinner/tickets, they don’t have to. Choose to date people who feel as you do about who pays. It’s a free country.

            The guy paid for the movie tickets because he chose to. His choice, his problem.

          • Woman Reigns

            And yet, it isn’t. We still have a culture where unless it is explicitly stated beforehand, the man is *expected* to pay for a date, simply for having a penis, and looked at by many (as evidenced on here) as a scumbag if he refuses.

            Perhaps 3rd wave “feminism” could stop tilting at windmills and go after an *actual* area of gender inequality in our society for once, and work on making that not a thing anymore.

          • sitaroundandglare

            And anti-feminists love to complain that men “have” to pay for dates while being totally unconcerned by the fact that women on average make less money than men.

            If you don’t want to buy someone dinner, don’t. Doesn’t matter if they’re a friend, a date, a lover, your goddamn grandpa. If you don’t want to get them a gift, don’t do it. But definitely don’t assume that voluntarily choosing to purchase a gift for someone means they owe you ANYTHING. If you encounter women who refuse to go dutch, feel free to not date them.

            They didn’t have a contract. She didn’t say “yes, in exchange for pizza & a movie ticket I will stay with you for X hours, no matter how weird you are, how uncomfortable you make me, or how bad a time I’m having”.

            In fact, at the Alamo Drafthouse, the very movie theater they were attending, you pay for access to the theater for the length of the runtime. You hand them a certain number of dollars in exchange for seeing the film. But if you are rude or creepy or otherwise upsetting to the theater? They kick you out. WITHOUT A REFUND. You thought you engaged in a social contract for a specified period of time, but the fact is the other party can back out if they dislike your behavior. Thems the breaks.

            Personally I’m fond of bay area queer dating scene rules: either you go dutch, or the person who asked the other out on the first date offers to pay. Then afterwards you either continue to go dutch or you trade off. In a long-term relationship, you pay roughly proportional to your incomes. It’s clean, efficient, and totally non-gendered.

            And yes, prior to my marriage, I often paid for dates, and when I had dating partners who made less money than me, I paid for MORE of our dates than they did, or would pay for the more expensive dates.

          • Woman Reigns

            I stopped reading what you said after you perpetuated the myth of the wage gap. Simply put, for the VAST majority of us, there is no wage gap. (If you’re looking at the top of the 1% there may be a bit of a gap, but at that point does it even really matter? any woman in that bracket is still making a *hell* of a lot more money than MOST men, or women for that matter)

            At very least, there is no gap “for the same work” so the only way for the “average woman” to make the same amount as the “average man”, would be to pay women a significantly larger amount *for the same work* which would be beyond absurd. As a business owner, I sure as hell wouldn’t hire any woman (or man for that matter) if I had to pay them more for the same work than another gender, that’s just bullshyt.

          • ResistJerks

            And yet every study consistently shows that there’s a gender pay gap in EVERY profession even when controlled for all factors. Even in female dominated fields like nursing, male nurses make more.
            Tell me again how hard it is for a male to willingly choose to pay for something, but when he doesn’t get what he wants throws a hissy. This case exemplifies everything that is wrong with masculinity and how entitled this culture turns males into. The fact that this male through it ok to use the court system to stalk, harass, intentionally harm another human because he didn’t get what he wanted in exchange for a gift he willingly paid for, is the true cultural failing. Culture teaches males that they are entitled to women and it’s ok to hurt them as long as they get what they want. Sick male entitlement.

          • Woman Reigns

            I love it.. You’re literally defending woman *expecting* to be paid for on a date, and yet claiming men are the entitled ones. That’s hilarious.

          • Eric Riley

            You have a reading comprehension problem since that is not at all what ResistJerks said.

          • ApocalypsoFacto

            You’re not really a chick, please just admit it. You’re a 17-year-old living in your parents’ house, spending way too much time reading Reddit’s RedPill sub. It would be so nice if you folks would quit creating fake identities to post under; I haven’t seen one of you who’s sophisticated enough to pull it off.

          • Woman Reigns

            Wow no part of what you said about me is true. And I didn’t “spend any time creating fake identities” I have exactly one Disqus account, as presumably you do… making you a total hypocrite (if your name is actually “ApocalypsoFacto”, then I apologize… your parents must have truly hated you to give you such a stupid name)

          • kylejack

            “We still have a culture where unless it is explicitly stated beforehand, the man is *expected* to pay for a date”

            Disagree. That wasn’t how it was when I first started dating my (now) wife. Anyway, what’s wrong with explicitly stating it beforehand?

          • Woman Reigns

            Because it should be *expected* that everyone should pay their own way, and in a truly “equal” society, there shouldn’t be a negative stigma attached to a man *not* paying. (Not sure when the last time you dated was, but there most certainly is one now.)

          • kylejack

            Maybe you should start hanging out with different people. What you view as “society” is just who you choose to associate yourself around. Destroying the patriarchy means doing away with things like this (gender standards).

          • Woman Reigns

            There’s no such thing as “The Patriarchy”

          • kylejack

            Sure we do, why do you think that there’s a bias about men as providers? That’s the patriarchy.

          • Woman Reigns

            Yeah.. No.

          • Carol A McCormick

            The person that asked pays.

          • Woman Reigns

            I’ll say it again, we live in a society where the man is *expected* to ask too. There’s literally a stigma for whatever retarded reason against women asking a man out. I’m not saying it doesn’t ever happen (I’ve even been asked out once myself) But it is beyond unusual.

          • Él Guapo

            I always pay and drive. It’s just the way I was raised. I also open the car door for the lady

          • Amye Olson

            I expect whomever does the asking would be the one paying, or at least intimating that they were, particularly if they say “I’d like to take you out sometime.” This is not the same as ” I’d like to see you some time” or ” we should grab dinner sometime”. In THOSE instances I would likely clarify. So really the assumption of someone paying really should depend on the language used by the person doing the inviting. Or if NOT intending to pay then whomever does the inviting bears the responsibility of clarifying whether or not they expect to split the costs of going out. This is when I think it’s absolutely disgusting behavior when anyone goes the route of entitlement… If you ask me out, of course I’m expecting you to pay. If I ask YOU out I’m expecting to pay. It shouldn’t matter Whether it’s a Date, or as friends, or even family. Man or woman, someone who says they would like to take a person out, then expects reimbursement when the date/outing goes badly is a horrible, shallow, narcissistic ass. When you offer up a “date” there is ALWAYS an element of risk. Face it, it’s a gamble, whether or not the other person is a slob, or rude, or boring. You chose to make that game just the same as if you sat down at a Casio table and placed a bet. Take responsibility for the fact that you choose to invite that person out and that action may have undesired results.

          • Woman Reigns

            And now we get to my other point, the man is *expected* to ask the woman out. I know that’s not always the case, but it is such an ingrained part of our culture that when the woman asks, it is considered out of the ordinary. Face it friend, for all the talk of “patriarchy” and “male privilege”, women are the ones who actually have the privilege in this country at least. (Ironic, the third wave feminists aren’t doing shyt to help women in the many places where they are *actually* oppressed… Though that’s a different conversation all together)

          • superreader

            No, the current etiquette is that whoever invites is the host-male or female- and therefore pays. If someone wants to share expenses the time to say so is at the beginning. If someone only wants to be with people who will pay for them they need to match up with others who want that relationship. Whoever pays the only thing they should expect is the other person’s genial companionship, for however long they’re willing to give it. Anything beyond that is gravy. This guy is way off base!

          • Alleycatb

            Nonsense the person who asks is the one who pays. Be it a coffee date between friends or a romantic date. They also get to choose venue and activity. Conversely they can suggest a selection of activities for the recipient to chose from. Apparently you have no understanding of dating etiquette or you just don’t appeal to anyone enough to be asked on dates

          • Woman Reigns

            You’ve said literally nothing that hasn’t been said before. And I’ve already responded to it.

          • Pmonkeefan

            I don’t see a woman suing a man for a movie ticket because he decided she was nuts and bailed.

          • Woman Reigns

            I’m sure it’s happened before, moot point though I wasn’t defending the guy, just pointing out a deeper issue.

          • wharfdoggie

            there is no “deeper issue”

            You are standing knee deep in filth, trying to scoop it up into a “platform” but no.

            One day, you will achieve an erection unassisted by viagra or hot shemale sex and think… “Maybe being a man aint that hard after all! 🙂 🙂 “

          • Amber Murray

            your right to criticize this dude but please don’t use trans slurs to do so.

          • Woman Reigns

            Implying there’s something wrong with liking “shemales” now that’s not very “progressive” is is? lmfao (It’s cool we all know you guys are the hateful ones anyways)

          • Medusa Jordan

            If you are sure some evidence should be easy enough to find.

          • Woman Reigns

            I’m sure it has, I’ve been on some dates with crazy as hell chicks myself, but I don’t care to find it.

          • ApocalypsoFacto

            Please stop dating. Get a sex doll. That will help you, and it will help society. Do it for all of us, baby.

          • Woman Reigns

            Still loving that “progressive” tolerance 😛 You libs are all about diversity, no? Unless it’s diversity of thought- the only kind of diversity that really matters.

          • ApocalypsoFacto

            Yawn. That’s all you got? Really? Man, it gets so boring hearing the same ridiculous statements trotted out over and over. “Liberals hate diversity!” No, we hate d-bags. There is a difference, muchacho.

          • Eric Riley

            Oh – and there’s the ‘lib’ slur. Anyone who disagrees with asshat here must be a ‘lib’, possibly even a ‘libtard’.

            And ‘diversity of thought’ does not mean having to accept blatantly sexist bullshit from a troll.

          • Woman Reigns

            Well actually yeah, it kind of does. You can’t just no-platform any opinion you disagree with by calling it “sexist” what do you think this is, academia?

          • Patti Riddick

            Marry me, Eric!!!
            JK, but that was delicious!

          • Eric Riley

            For someone who keeps saying they aren’t defending the guy, it sure sounds like you are defending the guy.

            Maybe you should think about that a little and stop lying to yourself.

          • Woman Reigns

            You didn’t say anything interesting that the other social justard didn’t say first, so you aren’t getting anything resembling a personalized response.

          • Eric Riley

            I am truly hurt by that – I’m giving you a personalized response even though you aren’t saying anything new or interesting – just the same old bullshit.

          • Woman Reigns

            You’ve already been dealt with, good day sir or madam.

          • Eric Riley

            Ha ha ha – sure I have. What a vivid fantasy world you live in!

          • Woman Reigns

            I believe I said good day.

          • Eric Riley

            Yes – you did. So?

            Do you truly believe that means I have to stop commenting or something?

            This worldview you have intrigues me – go on, tell me more!

          • Woman Reigns

            Get used to disappointment.

          • Eric Riley

            I’m not disappointed – just intrigued.

            You seem to be the disappointed one. The story of your life, I am betting.

          • Woman Reigns

            Oooh you sure burned me :p

          • Eric Riley

            Well – more you burned yourself, it’s your life and your poor life choices. For example, your choice to keep engaging with me. I thought you said ‘Good Day’ – but like most of your blather, it didn’t actually mean anything.

          • Woman Reigns

            I did. And it is indeed a good day. Weird, it’s almost like you know literally nothing about me. I’m cool keeping it way though.

          • Eric Riley

            And yet here you are again – doing the exact opposite of what you just said.

            While it is true that I know little about you, I can tell you are definitely an asshole.

            And yes – I am judgmental. I have judgement and I using it. If I am a prick, it is to you and not others – your subjective opinion of me as a prick is perhaps because you are hurt by my honest assessment of you and your rather pathetic life. It must be pathetic because you avoid reality so much that reality cannot be nearly so nice as the dream world you have built up inside your head.

            And ‘possibly a bigot’? How on earth are you getting _that_?

            But go on – explain yourself. Invite me into your world and show me your glorious self. Overwhelm me with your greatness.

          • Woman Reigns

            I don’t want someone like you in my world, you are most definitely a bigot, who makes prejudiced assumptions about people they don’t even know, and assumes themselves to be better. Textbook bigot. Surely this can’t be news to you.

          • Eric Riley

            Really? A bigot?

            Well – I can see why you _want_ to believe that about me. Yet my opinion of you is, I assure you, not prejudiced, but based entirely on our interaction so far. So – not really a bigot.

            I don’t particularly assume that I am better than you in any arena beyond that of having a accurate view of reality and in how I treat the women in my life. Those assumptions being based again on our interaction here – I could well be mistaken, but you have said nothing to challenge my opinion of you.

            And while you say don’t want someone like me in your world, you have a strange way of showing it. Perhaps if you stopped responding you could stick your head back in the sand and pretend I don’t exist.

          • Woman Reigns

            You know literally nothing about “how I treat women in my life” except that I do not like it when they *expect* me to pay on the first date. Your take on reality, as all social justards, is no doubt so warped that could ts as “sexism” to you, but shyt… According to you lot, *everything* is sexist haha, so really nothing is.

          • Eric Riley

            Well no – I don’t _know_, nor do I claim to _know_. I have made _assumptions_. I explicitly said so. My assumptions are not made with malice nor prejudice, and I agree that I could well be wrong – though nothing you have said makes me think so.

            Even here you don’t _deny_, you just call me names.

            I seem to have touched a nerve though – you’ve gotten so angry that you’ve lost the ability to spell or even write coherently; “Your take on reality, as all social justards, is no doubt so warped that could ts as “sexism” to you, but shyt.”

            “According to you lot, *everything* is sexist haha, so really nothing is.”

            Well no – there are a lot of things that aren’t sexist. Ice cream. Ponies. Unicorns.

            There are even a huge number of social behaviors that are not sexism. For example, not interrupting a woman in a meeting. Or respecting a woman’s right to be left alone while riding the bus. Offering to hold the door for a person. Note – not just women, there’s no reason not to hold the door for a man who is right behind you.

            See – it’s really easy to find many things that are not sexist. Clearly you are wrong about ‘you lot’. I wonder how much more you are wrong about. I expect the list goes on and on and on.

          • Eric Riley

            Oh – and weak attempt at a burn there – ‘social justards’. I am truly impressed by your elementary school command of insults. No doubt, when I was 8, I would have been truly hurt by that.

            Are you really an adult? Or are you just a third grader pretending to be one on the internet? That would certainly explain a lot…

          • Woman Reigns

            I’m slowly but surely trying to close these conversations. You said even less of substance here than you usually do so I’m going to call this one a dead thread.

          • Eric Riley

            You don’t seem to understand how to close conversations – you do so by no longer talking. And yet – you keep coming back for more.

            You are, of course, welcome to call this a ‘dead thread’ or anything else your little heart desires, but calling it so doesn’t mean it really happens that way. All you succeed in doing is showing your impotence as you clench your tiny fists and whine.

            Go on – call me a libtard or something equally as inane.

          • Woman Reigns

            You act as though you’re somehow inconveniencing me right now. Truth be told it’s amusing that you keep posting- no I don’t really have much else to say to you, and I’m barely even skimming your walls of text at this point, but if you still feel like wasting your time posting, the least I can do is give you a response.

          • Eric Riley

            Ah- so your lying when you say you want to end the conversation. You’ve never had anything of worth to say to me, but I am surprised to hear you admit that you’ve run out of ideas.

            But sure – your turn.

          • Medusa Jordan

            I think most women baulk at being considered an amateur prostitute, particularly when a prostitute would get paid much more.

        • Jessica

          I’m Dutch and we almost never go Dutch 😛

          • Josh Koplin

            really? What’s the larger story there? Where does this whole thing come from?

      • Mickey Barrett

        So if you invite someone over for dinner you believe that means you can proceed to intimidate and creep them out throughout the evening and then sue them if they get tired of it and leave early because you bought the food? You feel that buying dinner allows you to treat invited guests anyway you want? You paid so they have to do as you want and no longer have the right to even leave? What you are describing is slavery not dating in a modern and free society. Also remind the entire nation to never attend a dinner party you are hosting (unless they want to be your slave until the meal has been digested).

        • Woman Reigns

          Whoa boy (or is it girl?) There’s a lot of unloaded baggage here. First and foremost, I don’t “expect” anything from a date. (Truth be told, I have ended multiple relationships because she wanted sex, and I did not.. Another double standard of course, how dare a man not think about sex every waking moment of the day?)

          For a similar reason, I do not pay for the girl on said date. (I believe this is going dutch?) I have also had several first dates that did not lead to second dates, explicitly because I refused to pay for essentially nothing. I didn’t bring up slavery, but you did so here we go- It’s ok for the woman to *expect* the man’s time and money and give literally nothing in return. That sounds a hell of a lot more like slavery than whatever strawman you were accusing me of. (Truth be told you went on kind of a tangent that had nothing to do with anything I said, I actually think you may have me confused with someone else)

          • sitaroundandglare

            I have a feeling that the overlap between “3rd wave feminist women” and “women who won’t go on a second date explicitly because the man won’t pay” is reeeaaaaaalllllllyyyy small.

            None of us, far as I can tell, have said women should “expect” a man’s money. Time in this case is something both parties are giving freely, so that’s not a factor. A woman’s time is worth the same as a man’s time. So if you say a man gives up his “time” and gets “literally nothing in return” you’re saying her time is not equal to his time.

            Also, he says he drove HER car that day. Does he owe her money for fuel as well as a mileage reimbursement for the use of her car? No. She, we presume, allowed him to drive her car without asking for money in return.

            If I tell a friend “I want you to come see Guardians of the Galaxy with me, I bought us tickets for Sunday”, I don’t actually expect that they’ll be LEGALLY REQUIRED to pay me back. If I say “hey, we were gonna’ go see Guardians, tickets have been selling out really fast, how about I pick up tickets and you pay for yours when we meet up?” and they say “yes”, then and ONLY THEN do I have any LEGAL EXPECTATION that they owe me money.

            Unspoken contracts aren’t contracts. They are assumptions inside your own head, and have absolutely no legal merit.

          • Woman Reigns

            I have a feeling that is a hell of a lot larger than you think. (It might be a bit larger in first and second wave feminists however). 3rd wave feminism isn’t about equality, it’s about female supremacy, so it is totally in line with their thinking for the man to pay to be in line with “female empowerment”.

            You’re trying to put me into a position where I think you’re expecting me to defend the man here, I’ve said multiple times I’m not going to do that, I’m just pointing out the inherent hypocrisy of a lot of people posting here, who most certainly do believe a woman is entitled to the mans money for the *pleasure* of her company, which would imply that they are in fact the ones who think their time is worth more than the mans. (Sorry, I’m not going to let you turn me into the bad guy here, I’m not. If anything, I’m more of a “feminist”- a REAL feminist mind you, than ANY of you are.)

          • ResistJerks

            You’re the bad guy here and you’re defending this guy regardless of your pitiful attempt to gaslight us that you don’t. Be gone. You’re beyond pathetic.

          • Tir

            You are no feminist and have no idea what it means.

          • Woman Reigns

            I know exactly what it means today- Female supremacy. Actually, funny enough my name kind of means what feminism stands for today… But sadly, it isn’t even really feminism anymore as, in the western world at least, women have every right men do… and a fair bit more.

          • ApocalypsoFacto

            I’m really sorry for the terrible upbringing you must have had, that made you hate women so much. There’s therapy available for those kinds of issues, please ask your personal physician for a referral to a qualified therapist. In the meantime, all your ranting here has done is made you look weird, creepy and crazy and you’re derailing any kind of discussion everyone else could have been having. I’m sure there’s some quality pron out there you could be viewing/enjoying right now; why not go do that instead? Thanks, sweetie.

          • Woman Reigns

            Did you just copy past the same insulting message on a bunch of different posts? It sure looks like it.

          • ApocalypsoFacto

            Nah, man. Go through and read them, it’s different insults each time.

          • Woman Reigns

            It was all pretty much the exact insult- “Get a sex doll, you’re a sleaze, etc.”

          • ApocalypsoFacto

            “I have also had several first dates that did not lead to second dates,
            explicitly because I refused to pay for essentially nothing.”

            Sure. Absolutely. I am sure the reason why you didn’t get a second date was because you didn’t pay, and not because you are a creepazoid weirdo.

            I’m telling you, dude: sex dolls. Look into it.

          • Eric Riley

            “I have also had several first dates that did not lead to second dates, explicitly because I refused to pay for essentially nothing. ”

            So you paid for everything and that is explicitly the reason there was no second date?
            Or you paid for nothing and that is explicitly the reason there was no second date? Your meaning is unclear.

            Of course it doesn’t matter – I expect (after seeing far too many of your comments here) that whichever the case, it was only the _stated_ reason. The real reason being that you are an incredible boor in person. And not a little creepy either.

    • Sammy Sam

      Thank you! Exactly how I felt after reading this. Well said.

    • Jessica

      And that’s exactly why she probably made up the story about her friend.
      I would too, because rejecting these kind of men is definitely not safe.

  • Lolotehe

    “I was nice.”

  • thatguyJMM

    Welp, if Romeo Rose needs an understudy for his next godawful pursuit, there’s this guy…

  • Marian Hossa

    So we can pretty much all agree that this guy is a creeper who made her feel uncomfortable, the texts were an escape plan, and his actions after the fact pretty much prove all of that. Good lord, dating sucks.

  • Ann Onnimus

    Like other women this is why I ALWAYS went dutch until I was fairly sure of a guy and his intentions, but it goes without saying that even if you offer to pay for your date’s dinner, that’s still no guarantee of a nice ending to the evening. The way he acts, I’m pretty sure if his date had stuck it out, he’d have felt he should get even more from her later on that night, and might well have sued her if she didn’t put out for him. That’s why you don’t draw a line on this. Mature guys just accept that every date is a gamble even if they’re paying for everything, and if they’re a creep they might get left early with an excuse no matter what he bought her. She has the right. If she’s not a “lady of the night” then there’s NO obligation for her to do ANYTHING or spend any minimum amount of time with you for your money/drinks/dinner – if that’s what you want, hire an escort or make it a business proposal and don’t even try to pretend it’s a real date.

    Thank god men aren’t ALL this stupid, but it’s scary enough knowing there are so many of these jerks. Please, gentlemen, call out your bros that pull this creepy sh** and let them know it’s not cool. It really sucks that they don’t wear signs around their necks so that we can identify them immediately and just refuse to see them at all til they shape up and start acting like respectable human beings instead of creepy entitled stalkers.

    • sitaroundandglare

      Quick note: if you do hire an escort, be polite, never do anything to her she has not explicitly agreed to, and leave a good tip.

      Sex work is hard, service industry work, and they deserve to be well compensated for their time and labor.

    • annafdd

      You don’t get to harass a sex worker either. She changes her mind, she’s perfectly entitled to walk away. Although IN THAT CASE you can probably ask for a refund. Although see the comment above re the movie theatre – you act unreasonably and you get ejected without a refund, man, woman, green blob from Betelgeuse, or MRA.

  • LookshyLily

    What a complete moron. If you say you’re nice but harrass someone’s family for their address and sue them because you didn’t get the date you wanted, guess what? YOU. ARE. NOT. NICE. You’re a creep. Good luck to him getting a date now that the entire country knows he’s a whiny gasbag who never grew up and will sue if a gal doesn’t kiss his ass and agree to play house with him.

  • Well, I’m sure he got to be a hero to his PUA buddies on 4chan and Reddit for this ridiculous stunt.

  • David Henry

    Zero comments on ettiquet?
    Date or no date movie patrons are livid over cell phone use during a cinema (thats gender neutral).

    Have we not all seen the dating shows where the man texts during a date and is bashed?

    Alot of EMOTIONS as apposed to LOGIC on this thread 😉

    He asked for compensation, or direction to petition the courts. She declined and he proceeded on principle only after she berrated him and publicly altered the narrative to that of jeaprdized safety -_-

    We all know nice guys finish last and that fonzy the a hole with the leather jacket always gets the girl so chances are this litigator was a square and a bore not a safety threat, especially not one you lwt drive your car. Should we equate this to the severity of north korea -_-? Tampax still has wings 🙂 so relax to all.

    He went thru the trouble of publicly legally filing on merit and this we can equate to a premiditated possible act of harm.

    Let us get off our high horses and call 20 dollars twenty bucks sheesh and moving forward let us all pay for our own and perhaps just perhaps proper home training from our parents on manners will manifest in cordial healthy social behavior. These days after one drink folks are rolling in sheets lol. Lets take our time enjoy a film have decent convo and provide an opinion upon completion the next day just like the game shows we all love, because when we are on national television we all like to put on a front of best respectable behavior aka accountability.

    My quam with this guy was contacting people he did not know. The sheriffs office is there for that purpose to serve a court summons. I believe he did this for media stoey affect.

    Blessings to all. Sorry i was bored lol.

    • wharfdoggie

      f**k you and your [email protected]#t and invoking fathers and blacklivesmatter

    • Jennifer Nicole

      Her texting was rude, but in no way is this guy a truly nice guy. He’s an asshole with entitlement issues masquerading as a “nice guy.” We women can all see it because we’ve all had to deal with men like him. Truly good men have no problem getting dates and more from us. And they sure as hell don’t sue, harass families, or bring public attention to bad dates. Maybe you should consider listening to women’s sides, too, since you support BLM.

    • Alli Hart

      “Should we equate this to the severity of north korea -_-? Tampax still has wings :)”

      Hmm yeah, tell that to the guy who decided on the nuclear option by turning this into national news. Like another commenter pointed out, “We now know her first name, the first 2 letters of her last name, age, and that she lives in Round Rock.”

    • Marian Hossa

      Tampons don’t have wings.

    • kylejack

      Judging from the way the rest of it went, I think it’s reasonable to assume he was already doing stuff to concern her and she was texting a friend to bail her out.

    • annafdd

      If I am in a theatre with Crazypants McCrazyface, I text people to let them know what’s going on and never mind etiquette. Also, if I have a friend who being beaten by a pulp by a partner, whose child has been run over, whose FREAKING CAT DIED and she reached out, I respond etiquette be damned.

    • ApocalypsoFacto

      Maybe you should try putting down the J before posting on the Internet. Or, alternatively, take an English class.

      Also, the whole, “oh look at women using their EMOTIONS, women are so EMOTIONAL” thing is 1. extremely played out by now, get some new tropes (I’ll wait while you go look up the word, it’s okay) and 2. a dead giveaway that you are nothing more than some MRA tool repeating whatever you’ve read lately on Return of Kings or Reddit RedPill or wherever you cockroaches hang out these days. Reading the same stuff from you guys over…and over…and over gets really boring, and when you combine the rehashed tropes with your poor English…my God. Reading this was painful. Get a new hobby. You’re no good at this one.

  • Medusa Jordan

    Well, he isn’t just looking for his $17 and an apology. He wants her address, and there are MANY reasons why she and her family do not want to comply with that! He has also gone public, so he seems to want to publicly shame her. We now know her first name, the first 2 letters of her last name, age, and that she lives in Round Rock.

    He seems to think that her non compliance with his petty and absurd demand deserves this exposure. So it says A LOT more about his attitude to women than it does about his displeasure at sitting next to someone who was texting. Would he have done this to a male friend who he had bought a ticket for? I think we all know the answer to that.

    • wharfdoggie

      He paid $120 for the civil suit in Small Claims.

      • Medusa Jordan

        Money well spent, I don’t think!

  • monkeyonfire


    *Unless you’re Westboro Baptist.

  • cprincipe

    This guy relocated from Chicago to Austin. Wonder if it was because he alienated everyone in his dating pool there. Willing to bet another relocation is in his future.

    • Marian Hossa

      Judging from his dumb letter to the Tribune entitled “I’m leaving Chicago and I’m never coming back,” he burns bridges everywhere he goes.

      • ApocalypsoFacto

        Oooh, thanks for the tip on that, off to Google!

  • Vaughan Wynne-Jones

    Saying the ticket was a gift loses him the case. However, her phone should have been off. They should have their heads knocked together.

    • Joseph Pettine

      She could be listening to porn loudly on her phone without headphones if she wants. Until they make it illegal to use your phone in a movie theater or restaurant then there is no precedence for any of this other than a pathetic excuse for a man throwing a hissy fit. Just because someone goes on a date with you doesn’t mean they ow you their attention. It’s up to you to be interesting enough to keep it.

  • Laguad

    LOL at drafthouse trying to settle the dispute. It legitimizes the man’s claims and actions. His entitlement of “having a nice time” whatever that is. It seems to come from this root that men believe that women exist to pleasure men.
    Drafthouse, from my time working there, is a workplace that would tolerate this kind of sexism. I was harassed there and quit when I continued to feel unsafe.

  • Just4You

    Take it to court. Rly think this guy has money for a lawyer? He’s losing it over $17

  • Pmonkeefan

    I hope she lets this go to court. I’d love to see what a judge would say. Creep.

  • Mary Berry

    Maybe the answer is to drive your own car, meet at the restaurant, go Dutch, meet up again at the movie theatre (hint: if someone doesn’t show up, it’s a sign the evening isn’t going well), go Dutch, watch the movie, leave in separate cars. WAIT! I’ve done this! When I was 14 and my parents drove me to the mall!!

    • Kenny_Aaron

      He didn’t ask for reimbursement when he bought the tickets in advance. Which would have made sense and been fine. Pulling this stunt *after* the date is the warning flag.

      I’m pretty sure that in future, the woman is going to demand to go dutch no matter what. But you can’t really blame her for having a different expectation when he clearly set things up with the implication he’s paying.

  • Grandmere_Poissonniere

    This guy is going to kill a woman someday.

    • Dana Lee Pertermann


  • Goober_Pyle

    D O U C H E.

  • Angel Salvador Maldonado

    This guy is a total creep. It is pathetic that $17 and the absurd idea that she entered into some kind of contract by going to a movie has motived him to go to court. Perhaps, she intended to use a near by ATM owned by her own bank instead of ising the ATM at the cinema (which would cost her $5 more) to pay his pathetic ass for the ticket. She probably wasnt texting all that much either. There is a saying in Spanish “El que invita, paga.” basiy. He who invites pays. Maybe he could have had some balls and established who was paying what first. Also, if you want to get to know a lady, taking her to see Guardians of the Galaxy is a poor way to do so
    There are plenty of free things to do that would allow for more engagement and stimulating conversation. Asking her family for her address is totally sketchy. I could on and on but I have said enough. Dude is a dick. They should go on The People’s Court so that they can get a trip to Connecticut and have Judge Milian laugh in his face.

    • A Sun

      Well said. You are a true gentleman and a man of integrity.

  • Jessica

    Oooohhh I’m nice so I’m entitled to everything!
    And accepting generosity now is taking advantage?
    That guy is an absolute psychopath.

  • ResistJerks

    This is a whole new level of male sickness and entitlement. If this were the 80s he would have beat her up, but because in 2017 there’s repercussions for that, he’s using the court system to harass, stalk, and take revenge on her. What particularly shocks me is his entitlement to punish ‘bad behavior’ because his ego was hurt. The text prove that this male is a grossly selfish creature who believes that the only thing that matters in this world are his feelings. Matters not that someone feels uncomfortable in his presence or that another one needs help . All that matters is that he did not get what he wanted. F everyone and everything else. He describes his situation as being exploited. Does this creature understand the meaning of it? He decided to buy the tickets. Looks like nobody asked him to and never said to her that he’ll buy the tickets on the condition she pays him back. He made that decision on his own. Yet he’s not willing to take personal responsibility for his actions, but rather demands her to take responsibility for his actions. This is no different than a rapist blaming the victim for his rape because she wore a short skirt. I truly hope he’s going to be held responsible by society and the courts for his horrible actions to stalk, harass, and cause intentional harm to another person. I even hope he gets jail time for this. This is a whole new level of toxic masculinity. The texts only incriminate him more.

  • Medusa Jordan

    I think the bit that gets to me the most is that he is claiming to be fighting for better manners (ie no texting) when you are watching a film. I hardly see how harassing this one woman will do anything to teach anyone else not to do it. Which is why I believe the claim to be totally dishonest. UNLESS of course he is hoping that the dudebro’s are going to follow his shining example and do the same to their dates if the woman dares to get her phone out! That’ll teach them! Getting sued for being bad company.

    Also WHAT is that bit about him driving her car? Pushy or what?!

  • Katy del Moxie

    Woman goes out with guy and has a friend text so she has an excuse to leave. That is not out of the ordinary. Women have to be careful about how we reject men because the threat of violence is real. I think the stalking and harassment demonstrate the point.
    I also saw on the news this morning where she agreed to meet with him, while a friend and camera crew were present, and gave him the money for the ticket. I wouldn’t have agreed to meet him without witnesses present either.

    • Kenneth Matthew

      Not only women, I’ve used a variation on that trick once or twice myself. If a date isn’t going well, you’re under no obligation to stay one minute longer than you’re comfortable, and having an exit strategy is sometimes the most humane thing to do.

  • Genny Lee

    What a creep, women and men for ages are taught to come up with an excuse to end a uncomfortable date, if she wanted to leave she had every right, if he had a problem paying for the ticket he should have told her up front, thats like buying someone a sandwich and insisting they eat it. He should probably take the money back from the makers of the movie, which I won’t watch now since they perpetuate staying in an uncomfortable place, smh

  • writ81

    This guy is not quite right in the head. This is one hell of a petty vendetta, and the kind of mentality that definitely sets off alarm bells.

  • subtext9

    Who does this guy think he is? President of the United States? I’m guessing that there are many available mirrors in his residence. None of them will do a better job of showing his superficiality as well as his ridiculous lawsuit. Hopefully the court system will require him to undergo some sort of mental examination.

  • ApocalypsoFacto

    Well, the dude has solved one of his problems. From now on, anyone who matches with him on Bumble, finds him on Plenty of Fish, meets him at the mall, etc. and Googles his name is going to know immediately that he is an alien from the planet Don’t Date Me. So he probably won’t be buying too many more movie tickets for ladies in the future. He can save the money and buy one of those new sex robots that’s coming out later this year; that would be of benefit to everyone. He gets to save money on dates and humanity gets to keep him out of the gene pool.

  • Él Guapo

    What a loser! Men exploited? He didn’t even drive her there, does he not have a car? And why didn’t he take her to Alamo Drafthouse? No texting allowed there and they’ll kick you out for doing it.

  • Ken Lateer

    If your dating life finds you filing suit in small claims court, you’re doing something wrong. Try again, but this time don’t be a douche.

  • Crazy Mick

    I’m amazed that anyone would not want to spend an evening with such a sane, charming guy. If this chick didn’t leave he’d probably be wearing her skin now.

  • hightider

    I am so grateful that I am 65 and not young and dating. The very few times I have been forced to be in close proximity to the young and egocentric, I have been astounded by the fact that they are constantly staring into their phones and screeching OMG!LOL! while detailing the most mundane details of whatever meaningless activity in which they are (partially) engaged. No, I would not have sued her, but I would have left with no explanation, based on the logic that one never offers an explanation to a fool. Anyone texting in a movie is to say the very least, rude and self-involved. And now the delicate flower falls back on the “I didn’t feel safe” excuse. Maybe she needed a quiet room or a trigger warning. I am sure that snowflakes everywhere will be appalled at the sure fire way to “feel safe” on a date. Don’t go out with a stranger and stick him with the tab; date in a group; or carry a gun that you know how to use. I am so grateful that I had the foresight not to reproduce – if I had a granddaughter that useless, I would slap her silly. This is not what feminists of my generation fought for – whiners.

  • Patti Riddick

    Listen to what he’s saying underneath those quotes, “she owes me”, “I drove her car”, “I wasn’t that interested”, “texting bothered me”, “she had a great date”. This is a controlling personae if there ever was one. What 30+ year old man who expects a woman to pay halfsies doesn’t say that before the date? Men are being exploited by this ‘kind’ of woman? Dude, how long did you even talk before you made a date? What planet are you living on? So what if you had a bad date? She doesn’t owe you anything if you make her feel so bad that she texts on her phone during a movie and then LEAVES your controlling, assumptive, butt there alone, without a ride? That doesn’t SOUND like she was having a great date, does it? I’m so glad she got away from you during the first date. If I ever see your name on Bumble, You’ll get no swipes from me. I’m just gonna block you right away!

  • dude drove her car? odd.

  • George6112

    Men are supposed to accept the nasty behavior of princesses. We’re supposed to feel sorry for them when a man says something “mean” to them. If they accuse us of crimes we’re to assume they have problems they need to hash out with a professional. If they kill their kids then it’s a mental health problem. If they’re ugly then all bets are off as they might not have princess syndrome.