Claire Poole


Mixing Oil and Politics

Is Koch Industries the target of a dirty political attack—or is it just plain dirty?

McNair's Dare

Bob McNair goes deep to bring pro football back to Houston.

Merge Ahead

In the fifties and sixties James Ling built LTV into one of the country’s powerhouse companies. But after three decades out of the spotlight, what’s his plan today?

Studio City

Oh, Canada: You’ve taken film business away from Texas. Can an Austin soundstage get it back?

Leadership to the Max

A company volleyball court, $1.7 billion in projected sales, and other ways Max Watson is transforming BMC Software.

Whatever Happened to Jack Kilby

Reinventing Jack Kilby.

Who Wants to Be a Billionaire?

You do, right? Joe Jamail, Red McCombs, Mark Cuban, and seven other superrich Texans tell you how.

Racks to Riches

Can Houston’s SuperStand become the Barnes & Noble of magazines: an upscale national chain of superstores catering to affluent, educated consumers? Read all about it.

An F for Effort

Why the Emma L. Harrison Charter School in Waco flunked out.

Whatever happened to Walter Mischer

Walter Mischer’s latest developments.

What ever happened to Clayton Williams

Clayton Williams, relaxed and enjoying it.

Good Book

Houston’s hot preacher writes a (good) book.

Moore of the Same

Old Texas, New Texas, boom, bust: Whatever the times, Houston strip-mall king Jerry J. Moore makes a living–and lives it up.

School’s In

The charter school craze hits Texas.

Tortilla Flat

A year after she was forced to file for bankruptcy, Houston’s Ninfa Laurenzo is cooking up a way to save her popular restaurant chain.