Don Graham


Border Skirmish

Américo Paredes.

Stream of Consciousness

Rereading John Graves

Mission Impossible

Viva Max!

Wayne’s World

A flood, a fire, a car accident, a murder, and of course, a restaging of the battle for Texas’ independence: scenes from the making of The Alamo.


The Log of a Cowboy.

Acting the Part

Rules for movies about music.

Rain Man

The Time It Never Rained.

A Woman of Independent Means

My First Thirty Years.

A Soldier's Story

Sam Chamberlain’s My Confession.

The Western Edge

Blood Meridian.

The Pits

The problem with Mary Karr’s latest confessional memoir, Cherry, is that she won’t stop confessing.

Strange Days

Strange Peaches.

The Sportswriter

Confessions of a Washed-up Sportswriter (Including Various Digressions About Sex, Crime, and Other Hobbies.)

Hearon in Bloom

A Prince of a Fellow