Suzy Banks


Frontier Chic

San Angelo’s frontier chic.

Epic Western

How the West was fun.

Water World

Athens is all wet.

Take Me to the River

A canoe trip down the Colorado.

Child’s Play

Summer vacation is right around the corner, but that doesn’t mean you should panic. We’ve rounded up 68 of our favorite things to do with your toddlers, teens, and every kid in between. Dance the hokey pokey. Rope a horse. Eat way too many hot dogs. Zip down a waterslide. And yes, feed the animals.

It’s Only Natural

A natural antidote to San Antonio sprawl.

Taken for Granite

Llano rocks!

One-track Mind

Houston by train.

One-track Mind

Houston by train.

River Deep, Mountain High

There are any number of fun, adventurous, and unexpected things to do in the Big Bend region of far West Texas. Here are fifteen of my favorites, including scuba diving in Balmorhea, gliding over Marfa, drinking a microbrew in Alpine, horseback riding in Fort Davis, and floating through the Lower Canyons of the Rio Grande.

Conversion Table

Blanco is cooking. So am I.

Kenney Rocks

My hometown sings a new song.

Shore ’Nuff

The best beaches in Texas for—among other summertime pursuits—shelling, strolling, birding, fishing, treasure hunting, turtle herding, solitude, and surfing, dude.