Charles Kuffner

42, blogger, Houston
Charles Kuffner

Take it from us: Print is so not dead, and all these “online journalists” are just a bunch of DIY wannabes without credentials or credibility. Some of them even have an agenda! But Kuff (which is what everyone calls him) is different. More substantive. More authoritative. More, well, like us. Kidding aside, he’s one of many Texas bloggers who are every bit as professional as those of us in the MSM, but we’ll confess that we’re partial to this New York native, who graduated from Trinity University with a degree in math and did a blink-and- you’ll-miss-it stint in graduate school at Rice University (he’s still a member of the Marching Owl Band). Since 2002, he’s been the driving force behind Off the Kuff, now the state’s longest continuously published progressive political blog; his other blog, Kuff’s World, has been featured on the Houston Chronicle’s Web site since 2006. Unlike many digital diatribers, Kuff (who toils by day as a BlackBerry administrator for a large energy company) plays it straight, delivering Houston news and commentary on everything from city council races to the lowly Astros in the same measured, reasoned, only occasionally outraged voice. He’s a fun read and a smart read and, increasingly, a gotta-read.

A Web Exclusive Interview

Do you anticipate 2008 to be a big year for left-wing Texas bloggers?

I expect 2008 to be a very busy year for the Texas Progressive Alliance, and for progressive bloggers in general. We have a lot to be excited about, from the many elections of interest to Netroots Nation being in Austin to finding new ways to influence politics and policy in Texas. Add in a cast of heroes and villains, and a palpable sense that we’re on the cusp of something big, and it’s easy to

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