The Rookie

Two and a half years ago, the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum asked me to organize an exhibit about high school football. Did I mention I'm not a museum curator?
Midland High School Fans, ca. 2010. Courtesy Midland High School. Photo by Emma Wellen.

I am not a museum curator. I am a writer and a historian. Yet last week I had the pleasure of standing before several hundred folks at the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum in Austin to show them the special exhibit I have spent the past two and half years curating— “Texas High School Football: More Than the Game.” 

So how did that happen?

In December 2008 I received an e-mail from the museum asking me to apply for the position of guest curator. Why me? I wondered. There were more qualified football experts. Then I started looking through some old articles I’d written about high school coaches, the Herkie jump, and weird mascots. Maybe I did know something about this subject.

I also had an idea of how museum exhibits were organized. When the Bullock reached out to me, I was nearly finished writing the history of the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, a place I first experienced as a preschooler

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