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Briar Patch

Jan 1, 1974 By Prudence Mackintosh, Wendy Meyer and Beverly Lowry

THE DECLINE AND FALL OF LUNAR ROYALTY IT WASN’T EXACTLY ONE GIANT step for womankind, but from all reports this was one exploration NASA’s Director Christopher Columbus Kraft found not worth smiling about. Odds are that 1973’s Lunar Landing Festival Beauty Contest was not only the first such endeavor by…

Briar Patch

Mar 1, 1973 By Griffin Smith Jr., Dave McNeely and Beverly Lowry

THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES PERSONALS—SEVEN-STORY BUILDING ON well-traveled Dallas corner. Within easy walking distance of County Courthouse, John F. Kennedy Memorial, Dealey Plaza. Once used to store books; now empty. Has potential for use as historical museum, or can be torn down and land converted to other use. Need advice…