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Briar Patch
Briar Patch

Feb 1, 1973 By Felicia Coates, Harriet Howle, William Broyles, Dave McNeely and Bill Brammer

HARD-SCRABBLE NOTES 1. The Once & Future Larry King A FEW YEARS AGO, IN a brief but characteristic moment of reflection, Larry King attempted a survey of all that he had mastered, and he was not greatly reassured. “Success and I are strangers,” he said. “Failure and I are such…

Dining Out
Greenery Eatery

Feb 1, 1973 By Felicia Coates and Harriet Howle

THE HILLTOP HERB FARM WAS begun in 1957 as a retirement project for Madalene and Jim Hill. They intended to grow gladiolas for market and herbs for fun. Before long, friends urged them to explain the use of their herbs and spices in cooking. What began as demonstrations for friends…