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Hi Ho Silver, Olé!

Nov 1, 1973 By Ron White

Jaded film buff? Try spending next Saturday night at the movies. The Spanish language movies.

Briar Patch

Sep 30, 1973 By Gregory Curtis, Ron White and Martha Hume

MAYBE BABY ABOUT THREE YEARS AGO, DR. Joseph Goldzieher, a researcher at San Antonio’s Southwest Foundation for Research and Education, set out to determine if numerous side effects reported by women using oral contraceptives might be psychological in origin. He recruited 76 women to use as a control group, some…

Briar Patch

Aug 31, 1973 By Ron White and reedholland

CARRASCO REVISITED (IN AUGUST,TEXAS MONTHLY PUBLISHED an account of drug trafficking between Mexico and San Antonio. Much of that article concerned the activities of Fred Carrasco, at that time at large. Since then, he has been apprehended. Our correspondents sent us this account of his capture.) Around midnight July 22…