Suzanne Winckler

Feature |
April 1, 1990

Trouble, Trash, and Texas

Twenty years after the first Earth Day celebration, environmentalists are once again trying to get Texans interested in saving the planet. There are good reasons why they may once again fail.

Books |
December 1, 1989

Continental Drift

Five beautifully produced books explore the Americas, from anonymous folk art to the great muralists, from revolutionary heroes to a Texas ranching patriarch.

Books |
May 31, 1989

Moving On

Dave Hickey’s fine short stories are enhanced by the scarcity; Texas expatriate William Humphrey takes on the Cherokees’ Trail of Tears.

Books |
November 1, 1988

Hasty Copy

Dan Jenkins’ latest takes a tough-cookie journalist out of a thirties movie and puts her into a chase through Depression-era Fort Worth; Sarah Glasscock populates her fictional Alpine with a cast of real characters.

Farm and Ranch |
April 1, 1985

Where’s the Lamb?

After extensive taste tests, our reporter concludes that the best lamb is to be found in our own back yard.

News & Politics |
September 30, 1984

Dust to Dust

The cattle are dying, the grass is gone, the ranchers are selling their land. The center of Texas is in a drought that may be the worst in a hundred years.

Feature |
May 31, 1984

The Wild Side of Town

You don’t have to go to the country or the zoo to see wild animals; there are lizards in downtown buildings, gators in the creeks, and deer in the parking lots.

Weather |
March 1, 1984

I-10 On Ice

In five hours on icy roads the author covered 35 miles and discovered the perils of driving in a state that is unprepared for real winter.

Reporter |
August 31, 1983

Texas Monthly Reporter

Texas highways show their age; Houston punks show their colors; foster parents show they care; A&M shows its macaws; cattle ranchers show their breeding.

Environment |
November 1, 1981

Chucking the Piney Woods

Some people look at the Piney Woods and see paper plates and two-by-fours; others see the last great stands of forest in Texas.

Feature |
September 30, 1981


They’re ugly little things, but you’ve got to respect them.